Penn Commercial sponsors Kesgrave Karate champion Amelia Clow

Penn Commercial sponsors Kesgrave Karate champion Amelia Clow

Penn Commercial is pleased to announce that it is the new sponsor of Amelia Clow, 18, a Black Belt Karate champion from Kesgrave, Suffolk, who has been a member of the Under 21s England National Karate Team since August 2021.

Amelia has been practising Karate for 11 years and started her journey at Northgate & Associated Karate Clubs in Kesgrave and is now also a keen instructor and coach for local students.

Notably, Amelia came fifth in the Karate Club Commonwealth in September 2022, achieved bronze at the Irish International Open in Dublin in October, and was placed 13th overall in the U21 Cup in Venice in December 2022. She also took part in her first senior event in January this year, the Karate 1 Series A event in Athens, Greece.

Amelia is currently studying for her A Levels at St Albans Catholic High School, where she is Head Girl, and is interested in going on to University, possibly to pursue Business Studies.

Amelia, who has been entirely self-funded, approached Penn Commercial through a connection with her father, local businessman, Chris.


Penn has signed a 12-month agreement to sponsor Amelia’s kit – including her ‘Kata gi’, the formal Karate uniform worn to demonstrate the Kata style. Penn will also be assisting Amelia with travel costs to enable her to participate in UK and international competitions, which include the UK Open in Warwick – where she won Silver on 1st April – the British 4 Nations in Scotland and the Karate 1 Series A (Senior) in Canada over the coming month.


Vanessa Penn, Managing Director of Penn Commercial, said:

“We are delighted to sponsor Amelia in her Karate journey and hope to help her to achieve even greater success in national and international competitions.

“To become a leading commercial property agent, you have to show determination, persistence and the ability to think on your feet, which are all skills that Amelia manifests in the course of her Karate career, as well as in her various personal interests.”


Amelia Clow commented:

“I am incredibly excited to work with Penn Commercial and am grateful for their support moving forward, allowing me to progress even further in my Karate career. With their sponsorship, I am hoping to take up more opportunities to compete in the new season, constantly developing my skills and abilities.”

In her spare time, Amelia volunteers in a local dementia care home, and shares her Karate career with her growing number of followers on Instagram.

During lockdown, Amelia gained growing popularity through her Karate demonstrations filmed at her home, where she talked viewers through her routine and tried to keep people fit and motivated live from her parents’ sitting room! In recognition of these acts of teaching in the challenging COVID times, Amelia was the worthy recipient of BBC Radio Suffolk’s ‘Make a Difference Award’ in 2021.

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