Capturing the essence of a business through commercial photography

Capturing the essence of a business through commercial photography

Here, Cherry Beesley from Simply C Photography  explains how commercial photography can capture a business in pictures, no matter how large and varied their offering is.

What is the essence of a business? That’s a good question, and one you want any potential customer browsing your website or brochure to understand quickly. Because being able to do so draws them further into your brand’s story and encourages them to take more action. So how do you bottle the essence of your brand and display it clearly for all to see? You need commercial minded photography, and here’s how I did it for a client recently.

WS Training

The client is a leading training provider in East Anglia. The business has 4 arms, with

responsibility for commercial learning, apprenticeships, hairdressing and supported learning. Each arm was different and needed to reach a variety of audiences. So, how did I go about capturing who they were, and what they wanted to get across to their website visitors?


As it happened, they were in the process of redesigning their website. I worked closely with the website designer from the start, to get an understanding of where the images would appear, and how the website would feel. I took into account the website designer’s requirements, and we communicated closely to establish what we both needed as the site progressed.

Because the photography would be front and centre on most pages, it would be the first thing most website visitors saw, even before they took the time to scroll down to the text. In fact, if the images didn’t capture the right mood, or give them a feel for the site, they might not take the time to engage with the text.

Capturing the mood

For WS Training, it was vital I captured images that would communicate the passion and care of the staff  in the company. For example, the apprenticeships section of the website would display plenty of natural looking teaching images, whilst capturing the bright, friendly background of the training environments.

Taking the time to sit down with the key decision makers in the company and other contractors such as the website designer, was important to making the right choices for the success of this project. Before I got my camera out, I  listened to how they wanted to convey their feel on their website and beyond.

Humanising images, adding little touches that shows personality will ultimately increase the power to draw people in to the website.

Finding your essence

Understanding who you are, and how you want the world to perceive you is the first step to getting the perfect commercial photography you need to create more interest, more conversions and ultimately more revenue.

Want to show potential customers who you are? Visit Simply C Photography or call Cherry on 07775 851827.

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