Simply C Photography invites local businesses to view inspiring exhibition

Simply C Photography invites local businesses to view inspiring exhibition

Local photographer, Cherry Beesley of Simply C Photography, invites local businesses to view an inspiring exhibition designed to transform workspaces

Suffolk-based photographer, Cherry Beesley, has released an exclusive collection of images designed to inspire workspaces and transform offices.

The collection, comprised of images of nature in her home county, was inspired after visiting multiple office spaces for headshots and corporate shoots and observing the potential in those spaces to display imagery that would help bring the outside inside.

The collection features twelve unique images, each printed on acrylic in a large-scale format.

“The purpose of the images is to inspire wellbeing and mindfulness in the workplace and give staff reasons to look up from digital devices including phones, laptops and other screens to take a moment to pause” Cherry explained, “I am a huge believer that everyone should take some time out for the benefit of their mental health – especially in a world as busy and distracting as ours.”

The exhibition will run during the week of June 5th at Illuminate Studios, Brightwell Barns and guests will be able to view a number of images including one statement piece measuring 6ft x 4ft, suspended to give you an idea of the impact it could have in the space.

“Nature and being outdoors have many healing powers, but it’s not always possible to access them during the workday. That’s why I believe that bringing the outside beauty and power of the natural landscape inside and harnessing it within an office environment can have a transformative impact.”

To book an appointment, call 07775 851827 for an informal, no-obligation viewing.

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