How to make a small wedding a big event  

How to make a small wedding a big event  

Bruisyard Hall’s GM Alan Sabol explains how the recent rise in intimate weddings has paved the way for a host of interesting trends that are sure to turn smaller events into big memories…

Are you jaded with what I call the ‘identikit wedding’? Reluctant to blow all your money on a huge wedding in this age of austerity? Really want to connect with close friends and family on your big day, rather than everyone and their dog? After all, you can do that on Facebook. You’re not alone. More and more people these days seem to be shrinking their guest lists. A recent survey of American weddings suggests the average amount of guests is down to around 141, from a previous 149.

Intimate weddings are a win-win really, when you think about it. Because you get to spend your time, and crucially, your budget, with those that mean the most to you. And even if your guest list is going to be svelte and selective, that doesn’t mean your wedding has to mean less. In fact, with these tips in mind, less can often mean much, much more…

Make it a feast

Nothing gobbles up your budget faster than the per-head costs of catering. Which means that with fewer heads to feed, an intimate wedding offers more choice on what you can offer the selective group you’ve invited. Sit down meals can become five course menus, canapes can become more exotic and plentiful, and you can really lavish your loved ones with exciting, unique and plentiful food. At Bruisyard Hall, our renowned in-house catering team can conjure up a variety of banquets. You can try a sample yourself from our taster menu when you visit the hall.

Turn it into an event

Fewer guests means more flexibility, and that’s perfect for multi-day weddings. There’s plenty of opportunity to fill the days around the actual ceremony with intimate and unique activities that involve everyone. At Bruisyard Hall, for instance, our guests have enjoyed hot air balloon rides. It’s an amazing way to see the hall, surrounding grounds and beautiful Suffolk countryside beyond. We’ve also catered for fishing and foraging parties, and even prepared and cooked the day’s catch. It’s all about making special memories with those you treasure most.

The personal touch

How many weddings have you been to where you’re thrown into a huge room, sat at a table of nervous strangers, and never quite got beyond the polite chatter? The strength of an intimate wedding, particularly one that lasts the whole weekend or mid-week, is that you can offer your guests the opportunity to bond. And for very intimate weddings where the guest list is 20 or under, it’s possible to do away with separate tables, and guests can simply sit down around a large table and enjoy a meal together. Hosting cocktails and games in the evening is also ideal for getting people to mingle.

If boosting your budget and focussing on your nearest and dearest appeals, then get in touch. Email or call 01728 639 000 and we can discuss what you want from your dream wedding.

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