Camera Skills Training – Learn the Art of Photography from a Pro

Camera Skills Training – Learn the Art of Photography from a Pro

There’s more to great photography than pointing and shooting… In a step by step guide, professional photographer Cherry Beesley from Simply C Photography, shares her top tips on how take the perfect shot:

Contrary to popular belief, good photography skills take time to learn. Many people believe that if they invest in a ‘good camera’ they’ll automatically get great images. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you often find that the more expensive the camera, the more ‘complicated’ the settings.

Master the elements of photography

Even before holding a camera, there are two key components that need to be understood and mastered: composition and light.

Once these are understood, you will be able to transform your ‘snaps’ – whether taken on a pin hole camera, disposable camera, iPhone or top of the range camera – into fantastic eye catching photographs that capture your memories perfectly for years to come.

People get very intimidated by all the buttons and dials on a camera, yet once the principles are established, they become much easier to understand – sometimes you just need someone to guide you (instead of making your way through a thick technical manual that you will never end up finishing!).



One-to-one photography lessons

I offer a series of one hour lessons for £40 per hour. An hour is just enough time for the key points in each lesson to be understood. Any more time and it can be difficult to keep focus – there can be a lot to take in!

All lessons are one-to-one which allows for the fact that everyone works at different speeds. With this focused time and attention, information is much more likely to be retained compared to a group session.

Each lesson also includes a small amount of homework which I will then evaluate to ensure the key point or points have been understood and applied, before moving on to the next stage.

I am always happy to discuss anything in particular you would like to achieve, however my lessons generally consist of the following Camera skills training programme:

Lesson 1 – Key components – Composition and Light: Without understanding their importance you will never take a ‘good photo’. Homework.

Lesson 2 – Review of homework, a refresh on lesson 1 and then onto Aperture, Speed and ISO. Homework.

Lesson 3 – The Camera: The buttons and functions of the camera and how they should be used following lesson 2. Homework.

Lesson 4 – Review of homework and amalgamation of the above.

If you would like to learn your way around a camera and how to create good photos, contact Cherry and book your camera skills training.

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