The rise of tailored travel – what you need to know

The rise of tailored travel – what you need to know

Tracey Strand of Tailor & Made Travel, knows a thing or two about travelling the world. Here she explains why mass tourism is giving way to a rise in tailored travel, what it is and why you should consider it.

“I’ve spent over 35 years working for travel companies and have visited over sixty countries. I’ve built up intimate knowledge of the world’s most exciting destinations. It became clear from speaking to customers that they had become more discerning and curious travellers and as such wanted to experience something a little different. Their own personal adventure.”

Specialising in authentic experiences

“We’ve come a long way since the whole mass tourism thing, where you went to Spain for 7 or 14 nights, and stayed in a large hotel that caters for the British holiday maker. Thanks to low-cost airlines, the skies have widened our horizons a little more, and the world is literally our oyster. There’s very little that can’t be discovered and experienced whilst travelling. So whilst your Brits abroad holidays still exist, there’s been a real increase in demand for unique destinations, and authentic experiences. Which is why we’ve seen a rise in tailored travel and travel consultants – and where Tailor & Made comes in…”

Tailor & Made Travel offers traditional holidays to destinations all around the world, and specialises in tailored packages for those wanting more ‘off the beaten’ track adventures.

Tracey has created special interest group holidays for walkers, artists, gardeners and military history enthusiasts, to name a few. She’s also accompanied groups as tour manager to places such as Japan, China and Eastern Europe.

Increased interest in overseas volunteering

“In 2017 I spent three months as a volunteer Community Project Leader in Fiji, a challenging but rewarding adventure. I worked on a community project in a district that had been wiped out by Cyclone Winston two years ago. Helping people rebuild their lives has certainly opened my eyes to how, if you face life with determination and good humour, anything is possible.

After finding this experience so positive and inspiring, and having had a few enquiries, we’ve decided to offer overseas volunteer opportunities through Tailor & Made this year.”

Keeping clients safe and secure

“With the changing political climate, it’s essential for travellers to be aware of travel restrictions and health requirements before choosing a destination. This information is not always easily available. Through me, clients always have access to up to date advice.

And we’ve all read the news about airlines collapsing suddenly, leaving customers stranded, so at Tailor & Made we always ensure our holidays are fully financially covered, giving my clients, and myself, peace of mind.”

Part of the Suffolk business community

“I grew up in Blackpool and moved to Suffolk in 1985, and I love living here. The people are so friendly! The business community really likes to help each other succeed.”

Every conversation you have, regardless of where you are, could turn into business. So, it’s important to be open minded, genuine and reliable.”

Talking about travel

“I love getting out and meeting clients. I’m attending the South Suffolk Show on the 13th May, Stowmarket Food & Drink Festival on the 1st July, and the Stowmarket Carnival on the 14th and 15th July.

I’m also holding my own Tour Operator event on the 16th June at the Mill Hotel in Sudbury, an opportunity for people to meet the tour operators behind the brochures, chat about holidays and gather information. It’s a great chance to sit down with me and learn more about what I can offer, be it pleasure or business travel.”

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