The growing trend that’s making wedding budgets go further

The growing trend that’s making wedding budgets go further

It’s official, midweek weddings are on the rise. Recent figures show 1 in 3 couples are now opting to get hitched outside the traditional weekend slot. Alan Sabol, General Manager at Suffolk wedding venue, Bruisyard Hall, explores the reasons behind the growing trend.

‘Nearly weekend’ weddings have seen a huge increase in popularity, with 21,700 Thursday ceremonies in 2015, 6,000 more than 2008. And those numbers are increasing year on year, as couples give their nearest and dearest a great reason to start the weekend early.

Significant discounts, weekday venue availability and increased choice of wedding services are all playing a big part in boosting the midweek wedding trend. And with stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Redmayne opting for midweek weddings, it’s an idea that’s here to stay, and for good reason.

Boost the budget

Savings on venue hire is just the start. Wedding bands, car hire and other service providers will be more open to negotiation, and even have incentives to attract midweek weddings. And for those looking to jet straight off on their honeymoon, the good news is weekday travel costs are usually lower than at weekend.

All those savings add up, giving you more room in the budget for those extra flourishes that will make your big day all the more special.

Greater availability

It’s a common problem. You set your heart on a beautiful venue, such as Bruisyard Hall, only to find your preferred weekend booked up years in advance. Or even worse, you’ve booked your perfect venue, and the registrar has several weddings in the area, and you have to time your ceremony around their busy schedule.

Even the table decorator, florist or photographer you’ve contracted may have several weddings on the same weekend, which means your big day is suddenly dictated by the logistics of outside agencies.

Most service providers will be relatively quiet on weekdays, and able to work around your needs. A midweek wedding gives you much more flexibility and control over how your big day will run.

A special date

Getting married on a significant anniversary, such as the day you first set eyes on your future spouse, the date of your parents’ marriage, or even your birthday, can make your wedding day more meaningful. And if your dream date happens to be midweek, then all the better. You may even be able to ‘jump the queue’ of unavailable ‘nearly your significant date’ Saturdays and become a newlywed sooner rather than having to wait for availability.

Great benefits for your guests

Mid-week nuptials are particularly well suited to intimate weddings, with close family and friends usually more than happy to take a couple of days off work to make your big day. Sending ‘save the dates’ out in advance will mean they can clear their schedules for your big day.

And don’t forget to give them the good news that local accommodation is often significantly cheaper outside the busier weekend wedding dates. Plus, they’ll then have the weekend to sleep off their post-wedding hangovers.

With older relatives often retired and more flexible, and with changing working patterns meaning people work different hours, there’s usually a bit of wiggle room these days. And for child-free weddings, weekdays can often be easier for sorting childcare. For many, a visit to Bruisyard Hall can also be a great starting point for a holiday of their own in the area.

For more information book a place at Bruisyard Hall’s Wedding Open Day on Sunday 28th January 10am-2pm or get in touch on or 01728 639 000 so we can tell you how Bruisyard Hall will make your wedding special, whatever time of the week you choose.

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