Festival Season has arrived – Join in the festivities

Festival Season has arrived – Join in the festivities

Festival season has arrived with the Isle of Wight just ended and Latitude fast approaching. Have you ever thought about how the rest of the world celebrates? In India there is Diwali and Holi. In Brazil there is Rio and the Japanese celebrate Cherry Blossom.

Visiting a country during their annual festivals is a unique and different way of becoming immersed in the culture of the destination. There are hundreds of festivals throughout the world each month however there is one that has intrigued me and is on my ‘to do’ list.

At the end of October is the Dia de Muertes in Mexico, celebrating life on the Day of the Dead. The Aztecs believed that we had two deaths, one when our bodies stopped moving, and the other when the people in our lives forgot about us. The Mexicans believe that the gates to the realm of death open each November and our loved ones are able to visit us and by celebrating each year then our ancestors avoid their second death.

To commemorate the day, families decorate altars to honour the deceased, buy gifts that their families loved including their favourite food and drink. Traditional flowers adorn the altars and candles are lit to guide their ancestors home. Day of the Dead bread is baked, a loaf made of cinnamon and decorated with ‘bones’ and sugar candy skulls with your name iced on are put on the altar on day one then consumed on day two as a way to say you have cheated death.

If Mexico is on your holiday wish list then why not travel in October and see this unique festival for yourself? The dates in 2018 are from the 31st October until 2nd November.

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