Enjoy a ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ in Chile

Enjoy a ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ in Chile

Tracey Strand, owner of Tailor and Made Travel, explains why travelling to view a solar eclipse is one of the most remarkable, rare and impressive experiences on earth…

OK, so maybe I am showing my age, but who doesn’t love a bit of Bonnie Tyler? Who can forget the video with those school boys with the odd eyes? This maybe an offbeat way to introduce a natural phenomena, but on July 2, 2019 a total solar eclipse will darken the skies over Chile in one of the galaxy’s greatest spectacles.

The full eclipse, when the moon passes in front of the sun, lasts 2 minutes and will only be visible across a small strip of Chile.  A prime viewing spot is Chile’s Elqui Valley, a place known for its supreme space-gazing credentials and home to many observatories.

In the middle of Chile’s winter, the eclipse will occur just before sunset when astronomers and enthusiasts alike will be gathering to witness this exciting, rare event. The Elqui Valley also happens to be a wine region and hub of local ‘pisco’ so you can also be sipping a glass of local wine or two while you wait!

Dr Stuart Clarke will also be embarking on this remarkable journey with us. A renowned journalist and astronomer, Stuart will be on hand to offer his expertise on the eclipse.  His career is devoted to to presenting the complex world of astronomy to the general public. He divides his time between writing books and articles in his capacity as a Cosmology Consultant.

Chile is a sliver of a country wedged between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. A place of extreme and pristine wilderness, tours to Chile will take you from the barren expanses of the Atacama Desert, an area of volcanoes and salt lakes, 4,300 kilometres south to the majestic wilds of Patagonia, where you’ll find glaciers and snowy peaks.

Chile is one of the world’s top 10 wine producers, making 1.214 million tonnes of the good stuff a year. Many prime wine regions are within 100 miles of capital Santiago and are both easily reachable and easy to navigate if you fancy embarking on a wine-based adventure.

From arriving in the capital Santiago, visiting desert, mountains, ice ranges and the seaside, this small country has it all.

The ‘Eclipse’ tours all include a private jet and private viewing area and are available on a number of longer tours.

Prices start at £3790 per person for a basic tour up to £5990 to include other South American countries.

If you would like to receive further details then please contact Tracey at Tailor and Made Travel