Hot kitchen trends for 2018

Hot kitchen trends for 2018

Looking for some food for thought whilst planning your dream kitchen? From quartz worktops and painted wooden cabinetry to imposing fridge freezers and instant access to boiling water, Daniel Barr, owner of Anglia Factors, shares some of the hot trends that are currently turning heads in the kitchen world.

Hot taps

By hot we mean boiling, with instant access to 100°C water. A third tap has become a must have feature in all modern kitchens, thanks to advances in energy efficiency, and water saving features. Quooker are the leading brand in high-end hot taps, but not the only option by a long shot.

Induction hobs

The ability to heat swiftly and wipe clean easily means we’re seeing a preference for induction hobs over gas at the moment. The desire for gas hobs hasn’t been entirely extinguished, of course, and gas-on-glass hobs are great option for those wanting to go gas and still maintain an easily cleaned unit.

Kitchen blues

Blue is such a versatile colour, particularly the darker shades that are making their way into kitchens in a big way this year. The blue display in our Martlesham showroom has seen a lot of interest recently.

Quartz is queen of the worktops

It feels solid like granite, is just as durable, yet has a more consistent colour. Not to mention Quartz’ resistance to bacteria and ability to last the years with minimal upkeep. It’s a lifelong option that’s caught the moment. Light colours and faux marble effects are making a big impact this year.

Painted wood cabinetry

It’s rustic yet modern and suits a country kitchen with stone flooring just as much as a modern, light and open kitchen. Painted wood cabinetry is scratch resistant too, which means your dream kitchen will still be the stuff of dreams in five or ten years’ time.

Corners over curves

As great as curves are, particularly in smaller kitchens, they’re a design choice, and defined corners, which generally come with a storage space boost over their curvier cousins, have seen a big resurgence this season. All our cabinetry, curved or straight, is all handmade in Martlesham, Suffolk.

Cool refrigeration

And by cool we mean freezing. And there’s no better place to keep your chicken nuggets frozen in style than the Fisher & Paykel RS90a1. This stainless steel french door fitted monolith is a cool addition to any modern kitchen. It’s also easily integrated to look like a pantry cupboard, blending seamlessly into your more classically designed dream kitchen.

Visit Anglia Factors’ Martlesham showroom to see the latest trends and brands on display, or visit to start planning your dream kitchen today.

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