First Flagship modular homes for sale in Newmarket

First Flagship modular homes for sale in Newmarket

Flagship is unveiling its first ever modular homes for sale on Wednesday 16 May in Newmarket, Suffolk. The four Shared Ownership homes are part of Flagship’s commitment and drive to diversify its housing portfolio and meet the housing supply shortage.

Modular housing is one of a number of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) aiming to reduce construction time and waste within the building process. Each house in George Lambton Avenue is made up of ground floor, first floor and roof modules, which have been joined together on site.

The majority of external and internal works were completed in the factory, reducing the impact of bad weather holding up progress on site. The modules were then craned into position with the utility connections and landscaping completed afterwards.

There is a high demand for affordable housing locally. Latest figures show in 1 May 2018, there were a total of 2,313 households on the housing register for West Suffolk with 361 specifically expressing an interest in Newmarket. And 219 of those households have indicated that they have a local connection to Newmarket.

Tony Tann, Managing Director (Development) at Flagship said: “We are really proud to have completed our first modular homes for sale. They are quality properties with no obvious signs they are any different from standard construction.

“Housing continues to be in short supply and we are always looking for new ways of providing homes for people in need across the East of England. Shared ownership helps people who can’t afford to buy a home outright get onto the property ladder and we hope the families who move into them soon will really enjoy living here.”

Peter Hawes, Chairman of Flagship, said: “I’m excited to see the new homes come to fruition. Modular significantly speeds up the building process allowing people to move into their homes quickly. I’m looking forward to seeing what other modular projects we will consider being a part of in the future.”

Cllr Colin Noble, leader of Suffolk County Council, said: “In Suffolk we need homes and are continuously looking for developers to be innovative in how they build new properties. Modular housing is a way of providing much-needed housing while reducing waste and construction costs. It’s innovative and that is something we, as a council, always aspire to be in order to provide the best services for our residents.”

The properties also include Switchee smart thermostats to help reduce household energy bills and combat fuel poverty. It does this by collecting environmental information to understand occupancy and automatically regulate customers’ heating settings.

The development was made possible due to support from Homes England which provided £90,000 in funding.

A time lapse film of the build will be available after the 16th May on

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