Every wine lover needs these in their kitchen

Every wine lover needs these in their kitchen

Daniel Barr, owner of Anglia Factors takes a look at the latest trends for wine storage and cooling. If you’re serious about wine, you’ll want to make space for these ultimate additions to your kitchen.

Slender storage from Vauth-Sagel

As the dinner party moves into full swing, it may be tempting to crack open a bottle of wine. So why settle for one bottle when you’ve got sixteen to hand? Vauth-Sagel’s pull-out larder is a wine-lover’s best friend. This thin, vertical storage unit is the perfect antidote to generations of ugly wine racks, awkwardly placed bottles, and that age-old struggle to keep your wine handy and ready to pour. And whilst the Vauth-Sagel pull-our larder is closed, your wine is safe and sound, and hidden from sight.

With space to store 12 bottles horizontally and four vertically, you’ll have plenty of room to select, open and store your bottles as the night goes on. This sleek unit also offers the perfect place to keep your cooking oils and other refreshments too.

Miele elevates your wine collection

A fine wine deserves a fine display case. And with the Miele Sommelier Set it’s a simple matter to show off the highlights from your wine collection. A button touch is all it takes to raise and illuminate the choice drops from your wine list. After all, when you’re a real connoisseur, what’s the harm in showing off a little?

This set also has everything you need to prepare fine wines professionally for decanting. Glasses are chilled to the perfect temperature for champagne and white wine. Even opened bottles will remain perfectly conditioned thanks to the odourless, cool and filtered environment within. With a choice of up to three different temperature zones, you can even keep your reds, whites and bubbles stored together at the same time.

So whilst your local sommelier will turn green with envy when they see this exquisite piece of kit from Miele, your wine will maintain its original colour, smell and temperature throughout.

Anglia Factors have these and many ways to turn your kitchen into a wine-lover’s paradise. Call them on 01473 610192 or pop in to their Martlesham showroom. Visit www.angliafactors.co.uk to find out more.

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