Why stop at Corporate Headshots?

Why stop at Corporate Headshots?

Cherry Beesley from Simply C Photography explains how to make the most of every photography session & develop a set of candid photos that showcase your business the right way.

If you’re investing in professional headshots for you and your team, it’s important to keep in mind the ‘bigger picture’.

Specialising in candid photography that showcases the person behind the business, I love nothing more than helping people bring out their best side – not just visually, but metaphorically.

That’s why I often encourage my subjects to ‘expand their brief’ and include a set of scenario-based images within their photography shoot at the same time.

Whilst a headshot can portray a certain impression of a person, it’s also possible to capture the overall ethos and overall ‘approach’ of a business as a whole – with a series of staged, yet natural photographs within the office environment.

Recently I visited Masterlord Enterprises to take headshots of the team. Making the most of natural light, which was abundant in their light airy office, we worked together to capture the personality of each individual, whilst maintaining that all important consistency when it came to the end result.

Following the individual photographs, I was then let loose around the building, not just taking photos of the office and meeting rooms themselves, but of staff ‘in-situ’ and of visitors in the reception area for example.

These were designed to give people an insight into what it’s like both to work at Masterlord and to visit – hopefully it’s clear just how approachable everybody within the complex is, and what a lovely environment it is to work in.

This type of on-site photography also offers a great alternative to tired, unnatural stock imagery so often used across business websites.

With stock photography there is always a danger that another business will be using exactly the same images as yours – and as it’s generally always the best ones that are most popular, you are likely to come across them time and time again.

Instead, why not develop your own unique set of creative images, bespoke to your business, that no-one else can emulate?

Use them to demonstrate your friendly, welcoming environment, to ‘set the scene’ for clients and to illustrate a particular product or service within your blog posts and marketing literature.

Bespoke imagery is also really important when it comes to getting your company noticed in the local paper for example. A picture really does say a thousand words and you’ll find that the majority of newspapers always ask for an image to accompany a news story – in fact, many won’t publish your story unless you have one!

It’s often more cost-effective to do this type of photography whilst organising your corporate headshots, which also helps to ensure that consistent visual branding is maintained across your entire suite of business imagery.

If you’d like to arrange a photo-shoot at your business premises or discuss how to make the most of your corporate headshot session whilst I’m there, contact Cherry today!

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