Do smart phones cut it for commercial images?

Do smart phones cut it for commercial images?

Smart phones are the go-to gadget for most people wanting to take some ‘quick snaps’ but can they cut it when your business needs good quality images?

Commercial Photographer Cherry of Simply C Photography put hers to the test..

“I love my iPhone” Cherry confirms, “it’s Simply invaluable for keeping my business ticking along while I zoom between commissions. It can do anything – including taking high-quality photographs”.
Cherry decided to use her smartphone to replicate some professional images and then compared the quality.
“On a recent commission to one of North London’s grandest hotels, the Simply stunning West Lodge Park, I had the honour of photographing some of their stately event spaces. I then took the same pictures using my smartphone to compare how the two captured the light, depth and shadows.”
“The truth is, even high-quality camera equipment will only get you so far if you don’t know how to use it. You need a well-trained eye to adjust positions, props and people’s expressions if you want to bring an image to life. This is something you Simply can’t download as an app”.
Cherry has used the West Lodge Park images as part of her recent blog.

“The images weren’t terrible” she concludes “but bear in mind I’ve used my skills to set the scene, line up the angle, and choose the best time of day to take advantage of the incredible natural light that flowed through the huge windows”.”Even so, without a long lens, the full effect of the banquet table fell flat. I couldn’t get it to stand out from the rest of the room. Instead, the shadows from under the table detracted from how stately and opulent the room looks in the flesh. Smartphone snaps Simply don’t do this space justice”.

If you are looking for professional images that do your business justice put your phone away and contact Simply C Photography today.

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