Forging A Future For The UK Manufacturing Industry

Forging A Future For The UK Manufacturing Industry

With demand moving away from UK manufacturing in recent years, Hyprosteps are not only bucking that trend, they’re even supplying equipment to the Chinese aerospace industry.

Tony Poole, The MD of the Brandon-based manual handling equipment manufacturer, is busy forging a way forward for the UK manufacturing industry. So, in a marketplace filled with cheap, mass produced goods from overseas, what’s the secret to Hyprosteps’ home grown success?

Quality, quality, quality

Tony strongly believes that customers are happy to pay for quality products that stand the test of time. Everything Hyprosteps produce is engineered to be solid and long lasting. And he’s confident that his customers can see the long-term economy of a product that is built to last, rather than built to a low cost. In fact, Hyprosteps’ amazing 90% reorder rate is from customer demand for more of the same, rather than replacements.

Hyprosteps remains as robust as the equipment they make. They’ve weathered recessions, collapse of suppliers and of course the A14’s occasional logistical logjams. They’ve tackled every challenge and come out thriving. This instinct for survival and belief in competing on more than price is more vital than ever as Brexit-led uncertainty lurks on the horizon.

Tony has never been firmer in his confidence that quality in British manufacturing is the key to avoiding market stagnation. Whilst the unknowns of the coming years weigh on many peoples’ minds, it’s important that British made goods can compete on quality. And with Hyprosteps’ work platforms, steps, trolleys and turntables in great demand throughout warehouses in the UK, it’s hard to argue with that.

Suffolk can be proud that Tony and his family-run team at Hyprosteps are taking the lead in turning uncertainty into success.

Hyprosteps engineer and deliver high quality manual handling equipment for customers throughout the UK and beyond.

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