Hyprosteps have built a reputation that travels

Hyprosteps have built a reputation that travels

Hyprosteps manufacture a wide range of platforms and handling equipment for industrial use throughout the UK and all over the world.  They also modify their products for bespoke requirements, depending on what their customers need.  They’re flying the flag for a UK manufacturing industry, competing on rugged, long lasting products that outshine cheaply made, low cost get-what-you-pay-for overseas alternatives.

Last year, when they said goodbye to a longstanding client who was leaving his job as a buyer for an equipment hire company, they didn’t realise it was going to be the start of something else.  Rob Gutteridge from Hyprosteps explains….

Custom design

Last year, our hotline rang. The owner of an events management company was looking for a modified turntable truck. The voice was familiar. In fact, it was the guy who’d left the equipment hire company. He had started his own business and needed a trolley designing to meet the needs of a new contract.

Glad of the new commission, we set to work supplying him with what he needed. Fast forward several months and our hotline rang again. The event management company had now secured a huge contract and needed a fleet of our trolleys. We sent prototypes, made some further adaptions to his new business requirements and then set to work building this new fleet of products. As you read this they’re hard at work converting sports stadiums to concert venues all over Europe.

Relationships based on quality

Now our friend could have ordered a load of trolleys from any number of overseas manufacturers, for less cost, and would have received a good supply of superficially similar devices. He wouldn’t have been the first to do this. Many of our customers come to us having suffered disappointment with ‘bargain’ priced equipment. Materials that aren’t as sturdy as they should be. Wheels that give way, weight bearing guarantees that aren’t up to the task they claim to be for.

When this equipment fails, it means staff are put in danger, injuries happen and jobs that are promised start to fall behind schedule. Much like their shoddy equipment, these companies’ reputations are cheapened, and all because they thought they were getting a bargain. When you think about it, because our trolleys are built to last, they’ll see out any number of cheaply made alternatives. When you look at the long game, you’re saving money because you aren’t buying replacements.

At which point we’re brought in to save the day and I’m proud to say it’s rare that someone goes to a different supplier after they’ve used our equipment.

Our team also make the time to visit the sites our equipment will be used on, and work with clients to create a product that fits their exact needs. It can make a lot of difference to the design.

That commitment to quality, and the personal touch we put into research is what makes us one of the top companies in the handling industry.

On a personal level, we love the challenge of coming up with products that get a job done, and help other companies perform better. Be it an old friend or a brand-new customer, the service and quality level is always the same.

Whether you need one product or a whole fleet, Hyprosteps is there every step of the way, from creating to prototyping and manufacture to delivery.

Visit www.hyprosteps.co.uk to find our more

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