It’s what I eat? Don’t make me laugh..

It’s what I eat? Don’t make me laugh..

Have you ever laughed until you cried?  Your sides ache and the merest thing sets you off again? How good did it feel? Really good.  When you laugh like that you are doing yourself a world of good. Improving every aspect of your physical and mental health.  A chain of chemical reactions that produce all the right happy hormones in all the right places.

Here, Natasha Hodge and Katrina Love from Happy People Solutions explain the positive impact of laughter for your body and mind

Laughter improves your body by relaxing it and is a natural stress reliever.  It improves your immune system by increasing infection-fighting antibodies. It protects the heart by improving blood flow. It triggers the feel-good endorphin hormone that suppress pain as it is an opioid.

Did you know that the starting point that led up to you having an explosion of fun and laughter can be what you ate? Yes, really.  Then isn’t eating food, that puts all your feel-good building blocks in place, the best thing to do?

Incredibly, a lot of people don’t realise that laughing or having a great day isn’t coming from external influences, it’s what’s going on inside that contributes to feeling accomplished, or just plain pleased with the day you had.  Disease and health issues really are no laughing matter either. Ill health can be a total downer!

The main aim of the Happy People weekly meetings and corporate training is that you should laugh more, feel great and able to cope with all that 21st century life has to throw at you. That means being at your physical and mental best.

It can be a vicious cycle of eating poor quality food that leads to poor quality life experiences.

Often the problem is that the term ‘healthy eating’ has become so confusing.  Bombarded with changing consensus as to what is good, or bad, for you on a daily basis can lead to you giving up even trying to work out what is best for your body.  Why bother?

You should definitely bother.  Your gut is where all the hormones in your body start their journey.  Those feel-good endorphins can’t exist unless you get this bit right. Think about your body like a factory.  If you are running a car manufacturing plant and go to the beginning of the assembly line, would you start with cardboard as your source material and still expect to end up with a functioning car at the end?

Does that sound too extreme? Consider the fact that the amount of processed food that we consume in the UK has increased year on year since the 1970’s. Then take a look at the nations anti-depressant use statistics.  In 1991 it was 7 million prescriptions and by 2018 it was 70 million!

At Happy People we have been proving for the past 18 months that it is not a coincidence that many people are feeling down as an outcome of unknowingly putting the wrong source materials in.

By helping our clients to eat unprocessed, full-fat delicious foods, coupled with positive mindset tools, they have been able to overcome agoraphobia, depression and anxiety. On top of that they have experienced side-effect bonuses, such as clearer skin, weight loss, increased energy, decreased blood sugar, feelings of general wellbeing and more.

It’s tricky experiencing happiness or laughter if your body and brain aren’t running at their best. It’s wonderful is that you can be in complete control of changing how you feel long term.

Laugh all the way to the health bank by finding out what really is best for your biology.

Happy People Solutions are currently running weekly online meetings Mondays 6.30pm – 7.45pm.  To find out more visit the website.

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