Paddy & Scott’s – Bean Barn team become equity partners

Paddy & Scott’s – Bean Barn team become equity partners

It seems the slogan ‘fuelling ambition’ is the mainstay of its core values, with an announcement this week that all Paddy & Scott employees will be part of a new company share scheme.

Scott Russell, Founder & CEO, commented; “From the Farm to the Bean Barn, it’s our people that make Paddy & Scott’s awesome! We’re ambitious, and really appreciate the time and energy everyone brings to the team. These are the real hero’s, the grafters the workers, the people that pick and pack boxes, take phone calls, Knights of the road, Account Managers and everything in between. I’m honoured and proud to call them my partners.”

The brainchild of pioneering Brand Director Jon Reed, the new shares scheme offers the Bean Barn team to become ‘equity partners’ allowing them a share in the business profits as well as taking a key role in the business strategy and development.

“Our team are Paddy & Scott’s heroes – they are very much part of the business, developing new product ranges, delivering exceptional customer service and playing a key part in the business. We’re proudly investing in our team as a way of rewarding them for their commitment whilst fuelling ambition for the future.

Paddy & Scott’s are at the forefront of innovative business development, we’re a dynamic and inspirational team and it’s another strike for Suffolk in the worldwide coffee market” commented Jon Reed, Brand Director.

A Suffolk independent business, Paddy & Scott’s started humbly from the boot of Scott’s car and has since expanded and gained worldwide momentum, constantly evolving, challenging and developing. Their Farm in Kenya harvests Paddy & Scott’s coffee, the coffee you enjoy when you visit any one of their cafes. It’s a farm to cup collaborative; with the farmers very much part of the working team to deliver artisan coffee worldwide.

For more information, visit Paddy & Scott’s website.

Photo Credit: Paddy & Scott’s

Caption: Paddy & Scott’s re-useable mug

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