Hyprosteps step up to bespoke challenges

Hyprosteps step up to bespoke challenges

In manufacturing, like any other industry, customers generally want the same thing: a quality product at a reasonable price. Sometimes though, our customers have a problem that needs solving, and the solution doesn’t exist… yet. Fortunately for them, Hyprosteps love a challenge, and when the going gets tough, the tough get bespoke.

The Client: West Suffolk Hospital (WSH), Bury St. Edmunds

The problem: As one of Suffolk’s largest hospitals, they have a lot of oversized waste bins that need regular removal and disposal. For that purpose, they required a trailer to collect and transport all these bins from various areas throughout the sprawling hospital grounds, for removal to a disposal facility.

Our assessment: When they contacted us, we sent our MD over to see their current process and chat to their operations manager. We watched and worked with the hospital staff for a while, collected all the information we needed, and drew up a plan for a prototype. Then it was back to our HQ to begin designing a bespoke product for WSH.

The Hyprosteps solution: We delivered our designs to the operations manager, who was delighted with what we had in mind. He was even more happy when we promised them a prototype in a few weeks. And when we returned two weeks later, functioning trailer prototype in tow, he was over the moon. After putting it through the paces lugging those waste containers around, we left knowing we’d nailed the brief.

The result: For us? Another happy customer, and an order for two more of our bespoke trailers. For them? The hospital waste disposal systems now run much smoother, and that means they’re happy, and the general public are being looked after by a quality product.

The client: British Army

The problem: Engineers required a platform that could reach the upper level of an armoured vehicle for maintenance and repairs.

Our assessment: As our name suggests, we know a little about building steps, so we were excited to tackle this problem. We knew the platform had to be durable yet lightweight, with one open side that could span a significant portion of a large armoured vehicle.

The Hyprosteps solution: We built the frame from mild steel box section and fitted the platform with aluminium treads to keep the weight down and extend the platform to the right length. In addition, we left one side of the platform open to allow the engineers access to the tank. That way they could make repairs and fit a safety chain in place if necessary.

The result: Mission accomplished! A happy team, and another rung on the ladder of success for Hyprosteps.

As a versatile fabrication company, Hyprosteps replace your problems with solutions that are safe, efficient and durable. We understand the value of taking time to work with our customers to ensure their bespoke products work for them. Visit www.hyprosteps.co.uk to find out more.

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