Everyone’s an expert… at something

Everyone’s an expert… at something

Recent statistics show that there are now over 3 billion smart phone users worldwide.

This means that 55.5million people in the UK have a camera device in their hands most of the time; but can amateur snaps ever compete with the need for professional commercial photographs? Its an emphatic ‘No!’ from Cherry Beesley of Simply C Photography.

“When you think about all the blood sweat and tears that it has taken to build a business and a reputation it can make you feel Simply exhausted and proud in equal measure! Your business has grown because people respect your expertise, knowledge and experience in your profession… and you deserve your success”.

“To continue your growth, you need to develop and build your reputation and your brand to attract and retain more customers. Here’s where I come in” Cherry continues,”Your commercial images are an integral part of your business brand and image; from capturing the staff who work with you to the products and services you are selling. We know that images can speak a thousand words, but we also know that you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression”.

When you use a commercial photographer you’re not just hiring someone with a nice camera, you’re getting:


When you work with a pro, you’re benefiting from all my years of experience. Years when I have taken some fantastic photographs (and some less so). I know what works and what doesn’t and how to get the best out of your images to tell your story and sell your brand.


I have been taking photographs every day for as long as I care to remember – I am an expert at my craft, and I am developing further every day. I understand light and angles, techniques, composition – all you have to do is show up, I will do the rest.


My camera is the tool of my trade and I have invested greatly in, what I consider to be, the best available. I love to work with natural light and so, without artificial input, my camera needs to capture the clearest, sharpest images to do my subjects justice.


I provide the full service, from planning the shoot to editing and returning the finished images for your needs. I will choose the right pictures to tell your story and sell your business. Because I understand commercial shoots and the value of commercial photography I can work with your brief and supply the right finished images. Simple.

 Time and Money

Using a professional commercial photographer actually saves you time and, inevitably, money (and a fair amount of stress along the way!)

If you’re now starting to realise the importance of using a pro for your images, visit Cherry’s blog on ‘how to brief a commercial photographer’ and contact her to create the images your business deserves.

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