Creating professional photos for your brochures

Creating professional photos for your brochures

Simply C Photography’s Cherry Beesley talks us through the ways investing in quality, bespoke and commercially focused imagery can boost the impact your brochures can achieve.

When you get your brochure into a potential customer’s hands, you’re relying on words and pictures to sell your product. The former aren’t going to be read if the latter doesn’t do the job effectively.  This is why professional, commercially minded photography drives an emotional desire for your products and services, it is the most important part of any sales brochure.

Picture a brochure that converts

Yes, it’s possible to take a decent picture of your product, premises or staff on a smartphone these days, but can you do it in a way that evokes the right feel and emotional response for your brand? It’s certainly not something you can achieve with generic and stock images, which I’ve talked about previously.

Why? Because people make purchases for emotional reasons, and for how they perceive a product or service will make them feel.

It’s in understanding and capturing these emotions and feelings that professional photography adds real value to your brochures. When I work with a client, before I’ve captured a single image, I spend time getting to know their brand, and establishing what they want their products or services to represent.

For example, a client might want their range of cushions to present feelings of homeliness, comfort and the warmth of being snuggled up safe and cosy at home. Understanding that means I can find ways to put those feelings into their product photography and draw those emotional responses from their potential customers. Without reading a word, they’re hooked on an emotion, and that will always encourage further interest and conversions.

Subtly evoking those kinds of responses through bespoke professional photography means you pass the browsing test and tempt your potential clients to discover more via the text of your brochure. You’ve won over your audience and got the attention your products and services need.

Bespoke is best for your brochures

As business owners, we invest a lot of passion, time and money into making our products and services the best they can be. Then we look outwards, creating beautiful websites, vibrant marketing campaigns, and stylish brochures to showcase what we do.

Yet this is where I see so many brands fall short. I flick through a brochure and see a great logo, striking colour scheme, and enticing product descriptions, only to find their products and services are represented by poorly taken smartphone pictures, or arbitrary stock photos.

This undermines everything they’re trying to achieve with their brochure.  Whilst they may have saved money by not investing in professional product photography, their brand’s reputation, customer interest levels and ultimately, bottom line, are all going to suffer.

If the photography in your brochure doesn’t please the eye, doesn’t represent you, and doesn’t elicit desire from your potential customers, your brochure isn’t giving you the showcase you deserve.

For more information on professional photography that will generate enquiries, sales and a stronger brand identity, visit the Simply C Photography website or call Cherry on 07775 851827.

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