Candid photography in corporate advertising

Candid photography in corporate advertising

Cherry Beesley at Simply C Photography has some candid advice on letting your customers see the real you, and encouraging them to buy from the people behind your website.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. No matter how easy you make it for your customers to buy from your website, potential purchasers still operate from the same drives they’ve had for hundreds of years. So, in this digital day and age, how do you show people the personality behind your brand?

In short, people buy from people. They always have and they always will. Which means that before they click ‘buy’ they have to click with you as a person first.

Why invest in a commercial photographer?

A commercial photographer brings more than just a camera to the table. I can help you understand how your business is interpreted through your website, and what message you want to convey through the images you display to people. I bring creativity, but it’s always focused on that commercial end goal.

We’re talking about building and humanising your image, through shrewd photography, and offering your website visitors a personality they can identify with and want to buy from. It’s about building trust, something can’t be achieved with cold stock images.

Putting people in the picture

Investing in candid commercial photography that tells your company’s story is the important first step to reaching out to your customers.

One of my clients, Avanti, a tax accountancy firm, have an ethos that not all accountants are boring. Their website is full of colour and they’re not afraid to reveal themselves as different from the usual formal stereotype of an accountant.

They could have bought a load of stock images for their website, but that wouldn’t tell people the real story behind the business. It wouldn’t encourage potential clients to connect with them on a personal level or see who they are and why they’re different from other accountants. Instead, Avanti invested in commercial photography, and my images play a big role in getting this fun, vibrant and exciting USP across, and it sells them to customers.

Candid photography is all about capturing your people, premises, products and services as they are. As you want people to see them. It’s as much about using natural light as capturing a feeling for your company. Getting across those details that tell a story about your business which gives your customers a clear view of the people they’re buying from.

Your competitors may try, and that’s fine. Meanwhile, I can be there to create those images that ensure your customers get to see, and do business with, the real you.

It’s a commercial investment with the clear goal of increasing your sales and conversions by making you stand out in a competitive digital marketplace.

Want to show potential customers who you are? Visit Simply C Photography or call Cherry on 07775 851827.

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