A strong visual identity with Simply C Photography

A strong visual identity with Simply C Photography

A strong visual identity is an essential aspect of branding, yet when you think of a ‘brand’, most people automatically think of logos, colour palettes, and catchy straplines rather than photography.

But the human mind responds to and processes visual data far better than any other type of data, including words – 60,000 times faster in fact and Cherry Beesley, Director of Simply C Photography is on a mission to emphasise why great photos are crucial to a great brand.

“As a commercial photographer of course, I would suggest imagery is the most important aspect of a brand. Just think back to every holiday or family photo you own and the warm memories and feelings that come flooding back as you look at them. That kind of power is hard to beat”.

Holiday companies understand exactly how this works; with carefully chosen imagery of sun, fun and smiling faces creating that ‘want’, that ‘need’ even, to fly off and enjoy a well-earned break. So why would this concept be any different when it comes to commercial imagery of a product or even a building?”

Let your images do the selling

The role of a professional photographer should involve guiding clients towards the look and feel that will not only resonate with their target audience but be truly reflective of their brand values – and ultimately translate into better business.

“Whether I am photographing people or products I want every image to tell a story. Even if that image says something as simple as ‘happy, approachable people work here!’

“When I am photographing products they should set the scene and draw you in, and enable you to visualise each product in your home, your hand or on your person”.

Achieving visual consistency

The key to great branding photography is consistency – whether the images are destined to be used online, for social media, or even as print images.

“I recommend an integrative approach to commercial photography – working with both the client and wider marketing teams to ensure that all images actively support the brand rather than detract from it”.

“If you are planning to have images taken for your business they should work hard, clearly represent your business, and speak loudly to your audience.”

If you would like to discuss how commercial photography can help cement your brand Get in touch with Cherry via her website.

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