The 7 key uses of telemarketing in delivering new business

The 7 key uses of telemarketing in delivering new business

Most people mistakenly believe that using telemarketers, is limited to the use of cold calling to generate sales activities.

But telemarketing can be used to turn many opportunities into business, and there are various ways to do this. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that the use of a multi-channel approach to marketing and sales delivers an overall uplift in opportunities and ultimately sales. The following methods are all ways of developing leads, building your sales pipeline and delivering your end objective, whether that be an opportunity to quote or a face to face appointment.

In no particular order, here are Your Telemarketing’s  7 key ways to make the most of using telemarketing.

1: Database Cleansing

The information in your database decays at a rate of more than 70% every year. By using telemarketers to work through your data, you can correct, delete or amend the details of your existing customers, leads or prospects. By making sure that your data is up to date and accurate, you can increase the rate at which your team can make sales. There may also be legal considerations, for example, GDPR or CTPS/TPS.

2: Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Using telemarketers to generate leads and book appointments will build a sales pipeline to  increase sales revenue, and greatly reduces the amount it costs to make a sale. When you use telemarketers to generate your leads, you free up your sales teams to do what they’re good at.

3. The Follow Up

Using follow up calls is a powerful and effective way to make the most of your direct mail or email marketing. Statistically the DMA states that businesses can increase the success rate of direct mail and email campaigns by 20% with a telephone follow-up. So don’t miss out on vital opportunities by ignoring the telephone.

4: Seminar and Conference Booking

In recent years, telemarketing has proven itself to bring exceptional results for those individuals, and organisations that deliver seminars and conferences. The use of seminars as a sales tool enables you to promote your services and solutions to multiple organisations at one time, and gives you the opportunity to create credibility in your field.

5: Customer Reactivation

Your organisation should keep a record of all current customers, and people that were customers, but are not actively buying from you. Telemarketing is an effective way to reconnect with, and reactivate your dormant customer database, by using data that you already have in your systems. Using telemarketing, you can win you up to 50% of your past customers back!

6: Selling to Existing Customers

Furthermore, telemarketing provides a successful route to improving sales, by selling directly to those that are already using your products or services. Existing customers are much more easily converted because you don’t need to convince them of your expertise, reputation or benefits. With an existing customer, you can use telemarketing to offer extended service, upgrades, and further features on something they’ve already bought, or offer them a completely new product or service.

7: Market Research

One of the most common, and popular uses of telemarketing is market research, which is often used for product review and customer feedback. However, these days it can be used to cover a full range of quantitative and qualitative data collection. Using the latest integrated technology, telemarketing interviewers can handle everything from small executive level surveying, to mass nationwide customer feedback questioning.

Telemarketing offers organisations of all sizes the opportunity to expand, and develop their customer base with reduced costs and impressive results, all whilst allowing you to do what you do best in your company – make sales! Your Telemarketing can do all this for you, by creating a bespoke campaign to suit your individual needs, and achieve you the best results possible.

Pictured – the Your Telemarketing team. Photo credit – Paper Hills Photography.

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