How does data quality affect the outcome of your sales efforts?

How does data quality affect the outcome of your sales efforts?

The experts at Your Telemarketing look at data quality and its importance in making your sales efforts effective.  Cleansing your data ensures your database is up-to-date enabling you to reduce unnecessary costs, deliver targeted campaigns, and stay compliant with GDPR.

In the next 60 minutes*:

  • 271 businesses will move
  • 1274 business telephone numbers will change or be disconnected
  • 673 new businesses will open their doors
  • 767 CEO or owner changes will occur

Annually, 11% of telephone numbers change, along with 7% of contacts*.

The quality of data in the sales process is recognised as a high priority, with 80%* of marketers seeing quality data as being critical to sales and marketing and more than half are investing to address persistent data challenges.

Sales are highly influenced by data which is as dynamic as ever and companies continue to search for ways to manage data chaos more effectively. Having contacts on the database that are up-to-date without any elements missing or incomplete, means sales teams can use their valuable time profiling the prospect using intelligent open questions. Today, an average of 5.4 individuals are involved in any given B2B purchase which means that identifying the right company is only the beginning.

Marketers also need to identify and target the individuals tasked with solution evaluation, the potential end-users, and the economic decision-makers. Finding the right contact in the correct role for your products and services is vital to improve your actual contact rate.

Whether you are mailing, emailing or calling, your company’s reputation can also be affected by poor quality data.

Sales professionals will struggle to form efficient starter conversations with customers if they doubt the quality of the data they are using. This can lead them to look unprofessional and unprepared and may impact on the amount of sales that they are able to make.

*Source Dun & Bradstreet

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