Storm Ciaran’s high winds to close the Orwell Bridge this week

Storm Ciaran’s high winds to close the Orwell Bridge this week

The Orwell Bridge on the A14 is scheduled for closure this week due to anticipated strong winds as per weather forecasts. This decision comes in response to a “danger to life” warning issued by the Met Office, predicting the arrival of Storm Ciaran in the UK. The warning, marked in yellow, encompasses the entire country, with the East of England expected to experience particularly severe wind conditions.

Presently, the forecast indicates that the wind is likely to surpass Highways England’s safety thresholds between 3 am and 6 pm on Sunday, February 9. Highways England is making preparations to close the bridge during this period, although they will continue to assess the situation and respond accordingly.

A representative from Highways England shared an update on Twitter, stating, “A14 Orwell Bridge update for Sunday 09/02/2020 – current forecasts are indicating the wind will breach our thresholds at 3 am and will continue until 6 pm Sunday. We are currently planning to close the bridge between this period, pending any changes in the forecast.”

The Met Office has outlined the potential impact of the impending storm, warning of possible injuries and threats to life due to flying debris, as well as the likelihood of damage to buildings, such as tiles being dislodged from roofs. Various transportation services, including road, rail, air, and ferry, may be disrupted, leading to extended travel times and potential cancellations. Additionally, some roads and bridges may need to be closed for safety reasons. Power outages are also a possibility, which could affect services like mobile phone coverage.

For more information and updates follow the National Highways webiste 

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