Inside GMA Warehousing’s comprehensive training programme

Inside GMA Warehousing’s comprehensive training programme

At GMA Warehousing, the significance of staying current with safety protocols and procedures is well recognsied. To address this, GMA has developed an online safety portal that offers team members access to a comprehensive array of resources. This portal includes instructional videos and quizzes on crucial topics such as hazardous chemicals, safety data sheets, first aid, and personal protective equipment. Serving as a complement to in-person training sessions, this portal ensures that staff possess the necessary knowledge to mitigate risks and maintain safety on the job.

Setting the foundation for success

From the moment a new team member joins GMA, their safety and success are prioritized. On their first day, employees undergo thorough training that covers Risk Assessments (RAs), Safe Systems of Work (SSOW), and job-specific information. Additionally, they are provided with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which includes toe-capped boots with penetration-resistant midsoles, gloves, hi-vis waistcoats, hi-vis jackets, and other gear such as hard hats and eye protection as required.

Hands-on training and mentorship

GMA values practical, hands-on experience as a critical aspect of learning. Warehouse staff participate in forklift familiarisation training and receive instructions on the proper procedures for battery charging and changing on their second day. They then shadow experienced warehouse team members to thoroughly learn site-specific tasks. GMA fosters an environment where all staff, regardless of tenure, feel comfortable seeking additional training if needed. The guiding principle is straightforward: Never attempt any work without proper training.

Ensuring safety on the road

GMA’s commitment to safety extends to its drivers. Over a two-day period, drivers undergo an extensive induction process that includes an eye test, driver assessments, daily vehicle check assessments, knowledge assessments on tachographs and working time regulations, familiarity with VOSA and DFT regulations, training on securing cable drums and coils, tail lift and pump truck operation, FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) training, and safe load securing practices.

A culture of continuous improvement

At GMA, the pursuit of further education and training opportunities for staff is continuous. From day one, team members are instilled with the importance of safety and the understanding that they are the company’s most valuable asset. Emphasising their wellbeing ensures they return home safely to their loved ones each day. GMA believes that investing in team training and development not only enhances safety but also fosters a culture of excellence and continuous improvement across the organisation.

At GMA Warehousing, safety is not just a priority—it is a way of life. Through comprehensive training initiatives, dedicated mentors, and a commitment to ongoing education, GMA empowers team members to succeed while prioritising their wellbeing at every step. In matters of safety and excellence, there are no shortcuts.

For further information visit the GMA website.

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