The importance of training in care

The importance of training in care

When Princess Anne presented Lin Barnes, director of Christies Care, with the Princess Royal Training Award last year, it felt like a validation that the wider community understood the importance of training in care.

It’s very nice to receive, but royal acknowledgement isn’t the reason Christies Care puts so much effort into training our carers. We do it for the people we look after every day, 24/7.

Because the fundamental, number one thing you must have, both as a carer and a care receiver, is confidence. Confidence you can trust your carer. Confidence you can rely on them at all times. Confidence that you can leave the most vulnerable members of your family in the hands of well trained experts.

And in turn our carers need confidence that they can deal with any number of situations. Confidence they can support our clients no matter what. Confidence they can do their job, one-on-one, and be the best person to do it at all times.

Prepared for care

As the Scouts say, ‘Be Prepared.’ Which is what our two-week induction training programme is all about. It’s as thorough a grounding in live-in-care as you’ll get anywhere in this industry. And by the end of it, our carers will have an astounding mixture of practical and theoretical knowledge that allows them to present a confident and professional level of service to our clients.

Training never ends at Christies

Constant learning means never getting stale, complacent or bored in a care position at Christies. We provide regular refresher courses, new skills seminars and intensive further training to our care staff. This offers them career progression and reminds them how much we value them. And it gives our clients confidence to know they’re being cared for by people who are learning and specialising in their needs.

Christies Care are one of the largest providers of 24/7 live in care throughout the UK. Find out more here.

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