Christies Care Alison Hawkins profile: Caring Careers

Christies Care Alison Hawkins profile: Caring Careers

Alison Hawkins, Training Team Leader at Christies Care, explains why care is a great career choice in a thriving industry…

I started out working in care in the early 90s, providing 1-2-1 care for various clients. I loved that job, and found I had a natural ability for care work. However, I was concerned about how little training there was in the care industry at the time, even on fundamental things, such as moving and handling.

I applied to Christies Care for an administration position and then things progressed from there. I started in the admin role, then moved to the recruitment team and then when training became more of a requirement the training department was developed. I was the only trainer at the beginning.

Now, myself and the five members of the training team have developed Christies’ award winning in-depth induction course and continual on the job training programme, and we’ve welcomed many a new starter into a rewarding career in live-in care.

I’m so passionate that our staff, old and new, receive so much training, because that gives them confidence in their ability to care for our clients, and be amongst the best trained carers in the industry. If you’re looking to forge a career in care, then Christies Care is the ideal employer. There’s no better standard of training and support.

Alison is so proud of her amazing team at Christies.

I work alongside a great team of people. We are so supportive of each other. And the training team are always looking out for the carers, especially our new starters. Care can be challenging at times, but with such a sense of camaraderie at Christies, everyone always knows there’s heaps of support readily available, from advice and training, to a cup of tea and a chat.

At the end of the day, a career in care means you’re making a big difference to a person’s life. Especially with the live-in care we provide. I still remember the story of when one of our carers took a client to see a Ferrari exhibition in Kensington. His carer did his wheelchair up like a Ferrari, with lights and everything. The client was so happy that day, he was the star of the show. And this custom wheeler helps him with his memory. Being able to bring that kind of joy to someone is what makes a career in care so special.

If you’re looking at a career in care, Alison has some great advice.

First of all, treat it like a career. The demand for live-in care will only grow in the next few decades. People are living longer. So look at how you can gain more skills. Find a care provider who will train you fully, give you continual on the job training, and provide strong support. Christies do all three.

Secondly, be kind, patient and understanding. Always treat people with respect.

It’s a great career for those visiting the UK.

If you’re visiting the UK, and don’t have a base address, live-in care is a great career choice. You don’t have to source accommodation as you’ll live with your client for weeks at a time.

It’s also an exciting later life career for people with grown up children who don’t have many ties, who can immerse themselves in a client’s life and focus on their needs, using the skills they’ve gained from caring for their own family.

Christies Care are one of the largest providers of 24/7 live in care throughout the UK. Find out more here.


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