Short engagement weddings: What to do first

Short engagement weddings: What to do first

So, you’ve said yes and want to get the ball rolling. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the endless Pinterest boards or wedding magazines but it’s important to remember the reason you’re doing it – to celebrate you and your partner’s commitment to each other with your friends and family. So if you’re longing for a short engagement the events team at Bruisyard Hall have some great tips on how you can go from saying ‘yes’ to saying ‘I do’ in the shortest time-frame possible.

Book that venue

 Yes, most venues are booked up well in advance, but don’t let that put you off. There’s always the chance of a cancellation, and if you’re in the right place at the right time and prepared to be flexible with your dates, you might just swoop into that suddenly empty slot. Booking a venue is like buying a house – when you find the right one you’ll know. It will feel right and emphasise what you and your partner are all about.

Prioritise your bookings

It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of wedding planning, whether that’s tasting cakes or looking at pretty décor. Whilst there isn’t a strict order that you should follow when booking, it’s important to prioritise your tasks. You’ve got your venue… So what’s next? We suggest looking for your registrar as they get booked quickly, before looking at photographers. The most in-demand services are the ones you want to book first.

Choose a time

We mentioned that registrars can get booked quickly – but that doesn’t mean you have to wait months and months to get married. It’s time to start thinking out of the box, if you’re open-minded about the time of day you get married, you’re more likely to get a quick booking. It’s important to remember that quickly doesn’t always mean rushed. Our Twilight package (see more information on this package below) may be of interest if you’re open to looking at a different time of day to get married.

Get wedding insurance

Nobody wants to think the likes of serious illness, natural disasters or even the failure of suppliers could strike at their wedding – and they probably won’t – but it’s best to be prepared. Especially when you start laying down significant amounts of money on deposits for venue hire and supplier costs. So get wedding insurance, shop around, find a deal, and you’ll sleep better at night.

Set your budget

As odd as it seems, it’s fine to do this after you’ve booked your venue. Why? Because when it comes to wedding planning, a lot of your costs will be multiplied by how many guests you have. So establishing your budget with your partner, parents and any other wedding stakeholders will inform your decisions on who you can invite, and what you can offer them.

Check your guests can make it

A shorter engagement means you won’t be able to give your guests much notice. So it’s worth informally checking up on the availability of your nearest and dearest over the time period you’re hoping to get married. That way, you’ll be able to ensure the key people in your life don’t miss out on the big event.

Send out those invitations as soon as you have a date

 Don’t worry about getting bespoke ‘save the dates’ crafted, the lead times on production will delay things longer than you probably want. A paper invite is still generally expected though, so pick up some nice wedding stationary from an online vendor, or off the high street, and send those out to your nearest and dearest asap.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Whilst it’s an exciting time it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the minor details of the day. Our advice for this, is to remember what’s important and don’t overthink every little decision. Trust yourself. You’re only going to do this once, so if you love a photographer – book them! Want a non-traditional meal? Do it! It’s your day. Don’t over think it, traditions do not need to be adhered to, and your event manager is there to support you.

Bruisyard Hall’s event manager can streamline the whole process

Book your wedding at Bruisyard Hall, and from day one you’ll get your very own event manager who will put out fires, make arrangements, and generally be available over the phone or email to tackle any issues or queries. (We’ll also stand aside, of course. We understand some brides prefer to run things themselves). Our advice, when it comes to short engagement weddings, is simple: Use your event manager. They’re event planning veterans, and you’ll be surprised how quickly logistical problems can melt away when your event manager is involved.

Like the idea of a romantic dusk ceremony? With drinks, dinner and reception in our medieval barn, our Twilight Summer Offer is perfect for informal weddings. From Prosecco on arrival to a BBQ banquet, you and up to 80 guests will be well looked after, with plenty of scope for personalising the venue to your tastes. And you’ll have the Halls Duke of Clarence suite to enjoy during your wedding night. With a few dates still available this summer, now is the last chance to bag this perfect short engagement venue.

Bruisyard Hall has welcomed many brides to their historic venue, with each couple bringing their own personal touch. The venue lends itself to any theme and any decoration – which is a bonus to the already beautiful setting! Your wedding is a day for you and your partner to celebrate your partnership in front of your loved ones – which is something that the Team at the Hall considers an honour to be part of. Don’t be afraid to get in touch and book a viewing!

Want to see what’s available? Contact the events team at Bruisyard Hall on or call 01728 639000.

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