Create a unique proposal this Valentines’ Day

Create a unique proposal this Valentines’ Day

The wedding team at Bruisyard Hall & Barn love listening to proposal tales from their couples, especially those that are out of the ordinary, such as getting down on one knee at Niagara Falls or a groom who made his proposal a puzzle by creating ‘will you marry me?’ in Morse code.

With love in the air this February, it’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is a big one for saying ‘I do’, so if you’re looking for something unusual and quirky to make that moment even more amazing, the Wedding Event Managers at Bruisyard have come up with some unique and creative ways to make that proposal memorable.…. who could say no to these?

The bespoke photo album. Your partner will be touched to see that you’ve created a photo album of all your special times. With your first photo together, your happiest holiday snaps, that first Christmas tree… it’s the perfect romantic gift. But wait… the last page is blank, except for a simple message. Will you marry me? Oh, and once they’ve said yes, don’t forget to take a selfie. It’ll make a great first picture for the wedding album.

Crack open a special cookie. The element of surprise is always your friend. And if you love a Chinese takeaway, then why not make those fortune cookies extra special? You can actually buy a ‘Will you marry me’ fortune cookie online, or even make one yourself with a little skill and practice. Either way, it’s going to create a story that lasts a lifetime.

Recreate a special memory. Where was your first date? Where were you when the words “I love you” were first spoken? Pack your picnic, book that table, or revisit that special place, and then pop your question. It’s sure to be a winner.

Take to the airwaves. Whilst it might be unrealistic to hire a sky-writer to draft your proposal in the sky, your local radio station may be able to help. Does your partner listen to the radio at regular times? Seeing if their favourite station would let you propose live on air would be a sure way to make his or her commute memorable.

A treasure hunt. What better way to reveal the ultimate prize than a romantic treasure hunt? Start with a few little romantic gifts, such as chocolates or flowers, until the final prize, the offer of your hand in marriage, is discovered.

A romantic movie with a personal message. If you want to make a big impression, then there’s no better place than on the silver screen. With many movie theatres putting on special romantic film viewings, your partner won’t be unduly suspicious if you take her to a special showing of Casablanca at the local picture house. But with a little planning, and some money down, you could purchase an ad space before the film starts, with one simple message. Will you marry me? Surely there’s only one answer to that question.

The wedding events team at Bruisyard Hall, wish you the best of luck with your proposal. And when the ring is on, it’s time to think about venues. Give them a call on 01728 639 000 or  Email for a private tour.

Photo credit:  Lusina Wedding photography, Shell Sperling Photography, D&A Photography

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