A room with a view

A room with a view

Have you ever tried to wash your windows? It’s one of those tedious and time-consuming tasks, you don’t really want to do it but at the same time the smears from the sunshining through are make you twitch.

As you Wish Services – Holiday rental management want to lend a hand and share their expertise.

These are their top tips for the best, quickest and easiest way to get those windows sparkling again.

Timing is key!

A common belief is to wait for a sunny day so you can see smears but, a cloudy day is the best – otherwise the sun dries the glass too quickly leaving smears and streaks.

What solution is best?

As you wish service prefer to use the traditional method of warm water and good old washing up liquid – only a drop! Too many suds will leave your windows streaky!

Do you need a specific cloth?

Microfibre clothes are best, work from the top of the window to the bottom in a S shape. This ensures that the whole window has been cleaned. Stay away from paper towel and other clothes that will leave fibres all over your freshly cleaned window.

Final touches

Invest in a good quality squeegee and using the same S movement as above squeegee off the remaining water and suds, wiping the squeegee with a dry cloth regularly and be sure to wipe the frames!

Sarah – Owner of As you wish services says

“You should never underestimate the power that clean windows will have on your home. Having managed several holidays lets in Suffolk over the years the one thing people comment on is the stunning scenery that Suffolk has to offer. So ensuring that windows are kept clean and sparkling is of upmost importance to us.”

If you need regular cleans, help with change overs or maybe just a one off deep clean visit the As you Wish Services holiday rental management website for more information

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