Top tips to ensure a quick and easy change over

Top tips to ensure a quick and easy change over

One of the biggest worries that holiday makers have when it comes to booking the perfect holiday home, is wondering how clean it will be. Now more than ever, people want the reassurance that the place they are booking is covid-safe.

Good reviews are invaluable. Ratings on websites such as Tripadvisor, Facebook, or many other sites, can influence your business hugely and be the deciding factor for many potential customers.

Sarah Cooke, owner of As You Wish Services, gives her top tips on how to ensure that change-over cleaning is delivered to the highest of standards, getting your guests to return year after year.

Basic cleaning essentials

The best place to start, is ensuring that you have all the basic cleaning essentials. You should also keep a record of cleaning products/items through an inventory, so that it can be regularly and any products which are used up/go missing/expire etc, can be replaced/ renewed when needed.

  • Indoor brush
  • Dustpan
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop
  • Clothes
  • Chemical spray: for all surfaces
  • Toilet bleach
  • Glass cleaner
  • Polish
  • Cleaning gloves
  • Toilet brush
  • Black bags

By having a written inventory, it allows you to be more efficient with your cleaning during the changeover process, removing the stress and hassle which sometimes comes with changeover day.

You should also have a designated place for all your cleaning equipment, whether that is an empty cupboard, a garage or even in the boot of your car. If there is a cleaning emergency or just for day-to-day use, you will know exactly where to find everything.

Get into a routine.

When you clean a holiday let, you will quickly get yourself into a routine and have an idea on how long it is going to take you. There will always be exceptions. Some guests leave the house as they found it and others not so much – you must be prepared to tackle whatever comes your way.

Have a check list.

The trouble with routine is it can make room for errors to occur. Have a checklist to double check everything and make sure everything is done. Have you checked all the corners of the rooms for those pesky spider webs?

Supply cleaning products for guests

Most guests will naturally wipe down the kitchen work tops, dining table etc. However, by supplying your guests with the basics and even providing a list of expectations for living in the property, it will encourage them to clean up any spillages and stay on top of the cleanliness of the holiday home whilst they are in it.

The majority of people do have a sense of pride and are happy to respect the property, so having equipment readily available means less cleaning time for you!

Organisation is key!

A clean holiday let can be the difference in a good or bad holiday. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that the level of cleanliness is kept to a high standard.

This industry is heavily reliant on good reviews so ensuring that you are organised, have all the equipment and a have good old check list, it will help you maintain those much-needed good reviews.

For all your holiday let management and cleaning needs visit the As you Wish Holiday Rental Management website.

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