StrategiQ calls for ambitious brands in game-changing initiative to help businesses grow

StrategiQ calls for ambitious brands in game-changing initiative to help businesses grow

StrategiQ, the full service marketing agency based in Suffolk, has announced a new initiative to help businesses of any size benefit from its expertise and marketing services.

The initiative – termed the inQubator – invites applications from businesses at any size of their growth, from start-ups to scale-ups, as well as those in need of recovery support. The programme offers the opportunity to work with the creative minds of an award-winning agency – from marketing strategists, to brand experts, to specialists across all media channels.

Andy Smith, StrategiQ CEO, says: “To put it bluntly – not everyone can afford to use our services, and we felt inspired to come up with a solution to make us accessible to all businesses; from start-ups, to scale-ups, to those in need of recovery support.”

“What really keeps the fire burning for us is working with ambitious brands with a bold vision for their businesses; regardless of where they’re coming to us from, or what stage of development they’re at.”

Who can apply?

The inQubator is open to businesses of all sizes and stages of growth. The agency offers a framework to proven results across all channels. The framework will be underpinned by a robust strategy aligned to that businesses’ specific needs. 

“We’re keeping an open mind about the kinds of companies that we’d like to partner with,” Smith continues. “For example, you might own a business that has already achieved a degree of commercial success but you have no clue how to elevate your brand.”

“Perhaps you’ve had funding and are looking for the next phase. You might even have an established brand but have lost your way. We can help with all these scenarios. For us, it’s all about the potential ahead of you – not the success behind you so far.”

How inQubator works

The inQubator programme comprises a range of investment opportunities and payment plans; enabling StrategiQ to support chosen partners in their growth.

The InQubator is of specific interest to businesses where funding may be out of reach. “For some businesses, raising funds to support growth isn’t easy. We’ve created investment and payment plans to ensure that business growth isn’t held back by limited funding,” says Smith.

“Ultimately, it’s a chance to build with expert founders, creatives, strategists and marketers. With big thinkers like us on side, anything is possible.”

How do businesses apply?

To be considered for the inQubator programme, businesses should get in touch with StrategiQ via their website, telling the agency their story and their business plan. 

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