Keep the surprise alive with a regular bouquet of flowers

Keep the surprise alive with a regular bouquet of flowers

Emma Felgate owner of Emma’s Florist in Ipswich sees the happiness flowers bring every single day. Having recently launched a monthly subscription service, where clients can receive or send a beautiful bouquet each month, here she explains why cut flowers are good for the soul.

When someone receives a beautiful seasonal bouquet of flowers, they treasure the moment. It’s a reminder that someone loves, appreciates and is thinking of them. Those moments last for years, cherished memories that chart a love, long after the flowers are gone.

At Emma’s Florist, our talented team love to create those magical moments. It’s heart-warming to use our skills to create something that’s going to put a smile on a face, bring tears of joy, and express emotions that are sometimes hard to say in other ways.

Yet who decided a bouquet of flowers has to be a one-off surprise? Why can’t it be an ongoing, regular thing that’s going to make someone’s year extra special? We think those moments shouldn’t be one-off occasions. Cut flowers light up the room they’re in, warm the hearts of the receiver, and bring a seasonal and natural element into the home. So why not make those magical moments a regular event? A way of marking your love or appreciation on a regular basis?

A gift that keeps on giving

We know how busy life can be, and things get lost in the mix between work, family, and other commitments. So we’re offering an affordable and convenient way to send a longer lasting floral gift.  At just £25 a month we’ll deliver a regular bouquet to the person of your choice.

Our amazing and expert team of florists are dedicated to making your declaration of love stand head and shoulders above the rest. And as the seasons change, so do the flowers in the bouquets. They’ll always be different, yet carry the same message: I love and appreciate you, thanks for making my life special.

Come and chat to us in person, by phone on 01473 272747 or via email and tell us what you want. You’ll be guaranteed to make a life affirming and treasured gift that keeps on giving to someone you care about… or even for yourself.

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