ZEDBOX – Keeping Families Together for Longer

ZEDBOX – Keeping Families Together for Longer

Diverse family homes are on the rise, with teens staying at home for longer and parents moving in with their grown-up children. Living is expensive and that doesn’t change with age.

The ONS has released figures in the last few years comparing the cost of residential care and nursing care to standard mortgage payments across the UK. With the average monthly mortgage costing just £147.60 a week, in comparison to the weekly average cost of nursing homes totalling £845 per week, it’s not difficult to see why the family home has become home to more than one generation at a time.

At Zedbox they’ve created the apartment in the garden to reflect the new family home and the demand for independent, low cost flexible living. They  may just have found the solution to the new family home:

  • Zedbox is a space that’s affordable and competitive, and has been designed to offer a truly open and spacious studio; one bed, two bed or even three bed apartments in the garden. The cost of a Zedbox is extremely competitive compared to the alternative options of moving, extending or nursing care.

Independence, that’s right for everyone:

  • Zedbox are not suggesting for one moment that all parents moving back in with their children are doing so as an alternative to nursing homes. With rising living costs, living independently can also mean parents are looking for more affordable ways to enjoy their twilight years and maintain their family bonds. Zedbox is a great solution as it is separate from the main family home yet close enough to keep everyone together, meaning everyone can enjoy their own space, independence and freedom, knowing that their loved ones are just steps away.

Custom made:

  • Independence shouldn’t start with simply having your own space, it should start with being able to create a space that’s right for you. With the options to include a fully integrated kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, there’s an opportunity to make a space that’s not only affordable but truly enviable.

Moving home can often mean losing space to display your treasured possessions and have all your creature comforts around you, however, Zedbox is exceptionally versatile and making it into a comfortable home won’t take long at all.

Complete peace of mind:

  • A Zedbox is a home meaning the high specification doors and windows meet building regulations. Full insulation and thick chunky walls work just the same as in a house, keeping the heat in throughout the winter and regulated throughout the summer, meaning you can rest assured, this living space isn’t just modern and secure, it’s comfortable throughout the year.


  • With the option to pay in one lump sum or to pay monthly, Zedbox isn’t here to just suit everyone’s living requirements, it will meet the budget too. With the monthly cost of a Zedbox far below the monthly cost of a studio flat or care home costs.

Zedbox has been designed with a genuine passion and proven belief that it will be the modern-day solution to increasing demands for flexible, affordable living and rising costs. Zedbox allows families to stay together longer, the right way.

If you’d like to know more about Zedbox, contact the team, they offer a completely free, no obligation site survey to create your perfect Zedbox. Call 0800 242 5676 or visit the website.

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