In-house academy launched by Flagship

In-house academy launched by Flagship

Flagship Group invests in its people. The Group wants to ensure its staff has the right support, skills and knowledge to continue to do great things and work towards achieving its goal of solving the housing crisis in the East of England.

Today, Flagship has launched its own in-house academy; a new team and digital platform to offer staff greater training and career opportunities.

Helen Walsham, Deputy CEO of Flagship Group said: “It would be so easy to say that we won’t launch the Academy because of all the issues around Covid. I actually think it’s exactly the right time to launch it, because we all need a little bit of hope.

We all need something to do and something positive and what better thing to be doing than to be improving your opportunities going forward, when we come out of this on the other side.”

With the right tools at their fingertips, staff can develop the skills they want to at a time that suits them. And by further investing in its people’s future, Flagship will continue to recruit, attract and retain the very best talent, helping to build the workforce of the future.

Not only will the academy benefit staff, it will also provide opportunities to its current and future customers – supporting them to develop new skills and setting them up for success in the future.

Flagship’s academy will positively impact its communities, customers, and staff; helping the Group to move one step closer towards solving the housing crisis in the East of England.

Find out more in this short video:

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