Hiring a professional cleaner isn’t as expensive as you might think

Hiring a professional cleaner isn’t as expensive as you might think

Fancy spending more time with friends or family? Or to get home from a hard day’s work to a beautifully cleaned house? Perhaps you’d like to find someone to help an older relative take care of their chores? Thanks to Maid2Clean, there’s an affordable way to hire a professional cleaner and free up your time and still enjoy a wonderfully clean home.

Sue Hall has owned and run Maid2Clean in Suffolk since 2010 and knows a thing or two about juggling the demands of a hectic life. “Between running a business, looking after my three dogs, and everything else, I couldn’t manage without a cleaner, and I’ve always had one. Not only does Maid2Clean provide work for local people, we also give our clients freedom from those household chores, so they can spend time doing what they want, and not what needs to be done. Meanwhile, they’re not fretting about the state of their house.”

Become time rich

“Our rates are much more affordable than people assume, starting at £11.95ph. A very reasonable price when you consider the freedom Maid2Clean can bring to your lifestyle. Especially in the modern day, when we’re expected to spread ourselves so thinly, which can leave you very little time. And you’d be pleasantly surprised to see how much of a difference one of our expert cleaners can make to your household chores over just a few hours per week.”

Supporting older clients

“We’re registered with Age UK Suffolk as a domestic services provider, and we look after a lot of older clients, who can’t quite manage like they used to. We’ll often get instructed on what needs doing by a relative. And these days, with children and grandchildren moving away, they might not see mum or dad as much as they’d like. So knowing Maid2Clean are visiting the house weekly or fortnightly to keep on top of things, and offering a bit of company, is reassuring. And when they do visit, they don’t have to spend their time cleaning up, and can concentrate on doing enjoyable things and making the most of that time.”

Leave it to the professionals

“We take our vetting process very seriously. If a prospective cleaner passes our checks, we give them a face to face interview in their own home. That’s important to us, as we want to see how clean their own homes are before we consider letting them clean yours. We aim to provide the same cleaner to you each time. That gives you familiarity and trust, and allows them to get a better idea of your specific needs. At the end of the day, we’re providing cleaning professionals who will make a real difference to the amount of free time you have.”

Interested in an affordable way to clean up your house and schedule? Visit Maid2Clean today.

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