Design Trends: Copper in kitchens and interiors

Design Trends: Copper in kitchens and interiors

Looking for a timeless material to give your kitchen or bathroom warmth and sophistication? Daniel Barr, owner of Anglia Factors, explains why copper should be a serious contender.

Whilst copper is the metal of the moment in kitchen design trends, its natural beauty, and practical characteristics, will always be timeless. And as copper ages, it improves. Its colour deepens with exposure to moisture and oxygen, creating extra visual interest. Be it polished to perfection, or with an older, weathered look, it’s a superb material to choose for your kitchen.

Copper blends into, and compliments, your own unique style

The advantage of copper over other shiny metallic finishes is the sheer variety of forms, colours and finishes. It can give an industrial-style kitchen a warmth that cooler metals, like stainless steel, lack.

Copper accessories can be the detail that gives a touch of warmth to an all-white kitchen. The smooth, reflective surface of polished copper gives a stunning edge to any contemporary kitchen.

Looking for something more rustic? Dulled or burnished copper finishes, which give an impression of great age, can really spice up your country kitchen.

A touch of warm sophistication

Stainless steel accessories are everywhere you look, but copper accessories have the power to elevate your kitchen with a touch of sophistication. And it’s not just looks that copper wins on, it has practical advantages too. Its conductive properties give your pots and pans a more evenly distributed heat. No more hot spots.

Anglia Factors’ main suppliers, Neff, Miele and KitchenAid have amazing ranges of copper kitchen accessories. One that’s very popular, thanks to a certain channel hopping baking show, is the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer. This striking, beautiful and brilliant appliance gives your kitchen a touch of timeless class.

Distinctive and hygienic worktops

Being easy to clean, and resistant to microbes, copper ticks all the practical boxes for a worktop. And copper simply radiates warmth and style that you don’t get with more sterile looking metals.

A splash of copper

Easy to clean copper splashbacks are a smart choice for a well-used kitchen. And with a choice of finish, from brushed to burnished, your copper splashback can adapt and fit in perfectly with any dream kitchen design.

Like we said, copper is the trendy kitchen design material of the moment, but its practical, hygienic benefits, timeless warmth and feel, and potential to age gracefully in ways other materials won’t, mean it’ll still look amazing in years to come.

Want to add a touch of copper to your kitchen? Call Anglia Factors on 01473 610192 or visit their Martlesham showroom.

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