CAD: Seeing is believing

CAD: Seeing is believing

For a business or an individual interior design can play a big role in your comfort, happiness and productivity. The cost, lifespan and fundamental place in everyday life makes it important to get it right. So how can you be sure you’re making the right decisions? Daniel Barr of Anglia Factors shares his top tips.

Research: Take the time to see what’s out there

Keep a record of the things you love. Take photos of the appliances or design features you see when you’re out and about, or surfing the internet. Look at magazines and look online for inspiration from the likes of Pinterest. Make a scrapbook or mood board of your favourites – from colour swatches to taps and tea towels. It all helps to inform your designer.

Find your expert: Choose a designer who you like and who understands your vision

An expert interior designer for commercial or residential projects will give you useful intelligence on the best appliances for your needs, the practicalities of your chosen flooring and worktops, and the best layouts for the space.

Seeing is the believing: Ask your designer for a CAD drawing

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is snazzier than it sounds. Think of it like an animated (CGI) film of your life to come. It provides uncannily realistic pictures of the room you’re creating. These CAD drawings can really help you to make the right decisions because everything is to scale, so you can see exactly how much surface space you’ll have or how far the desks are from the coffee machine. You can use them to try out different finishes, curves, colours and configurations to make sure everything you want fits and looks great.

CAD can be applied to any room or area. We’re famous for our kitchens, many don’t realise that our team can transform any space from hairdressing salons to office spaces as well as residential developments.

Cost up EVERY element: From appliances to lighting, accessories and plumbing

It sounds crazy but no two companies price the same way, so it’s difficult to compare a like-for-like quote. It’s worth putting together your own table detailing the various factors to ensure you can compare the quotes.

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