The benefits of working from a smart garden office

The benefits of working from a smart garden office

Staying motivated when you’ve merged your home and work life can often be a real challenge, especially if you’re finding it difficult working from your dining table or a cluttered spare room. However, many of these challenges can be overcome with a SMART garden office – here are four of the key advantages of building an office in your garden.

Create Your Ideal Workspace

When you work from your home, you’re forced to accept the domestic environment for what it is – loud children, the TV, a ringing telephone, the vacuum cleaner, etc. – all of which may not be best for focusing your full attention on your business. Creating a garden office provides you with physical and mental separation from your house and makes it clear to others that when you’re working quietly in there, you shouldn’t be disturbed.

With a garden room, you can organise all your important paperwork and documents neatly and in one place – not scattered over a dining table and impossible to find when you need them.

You can perfectly style and decorate your garden room to your taste and design the layout of it to your specific business requirements, as well as for optimum light, storage and improved productivity and workflow.

Instead of working on a wooden chair hunched at your dining table for hour upon hour, you now have the additional space to get professional, ergonomic office furniture that will save your back from the injuries associated with sitting on an unsuitable chair for extended periods of time.

A garden room also provides an ideal professional place to meet with clients and will create a far better impression than if you were to hold a face-to-face meeting in your house.


A Healthier Work-Life Balance

If you’re currently forced to sacrifice precious time with your children or family in the mornings and evenings because of a lengthy commute, working from a garden office will create a far healthier work-life balance for both you and your family.

You can now work yards from your home, allowing you to free up a lot more time for family responsibilities and commitments that you would have otherwise spent sitting in a car or on public transport travelling to and from work.

Working in Nature Reduces Stress

We bring plants into the workplace for a reason – they promote well being, as well as inspiring, motivating and relaxing us. Studies have shown that people who surround themselves with plants at work display greater productivity and efficiency.

So, if being surrounded by plants is good for business, imagine what working in your garden surrounded by nature will do for your motivation and productivity.

Some people even find it helps them work if they take their cat or dog in there with them too!

The Perfect Workspace for Business Start-ups and Freelancers

Young companies often work to extremely tight budgets, but with a garden office, there is no expensive office space to rent. Fewer overheads means freelancers and small, one or two-person companies can take advantage of the zero-rent costs to help their young company grow.

SMART Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios provides a wide range of garden rooms for a variety of uses, not just garden offices! If you’re thinking of installing a garden room, speak to us today on 01359 271942 or click here to request a catalogue.

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