SuffolkWire – an affordable online turbocharge for your business

SuffolkWire – an affordable online turbocharge for your business

Hana Dickinson, Managing Director of The Bridge Marketing, explains why she decided to launch a local business news website and how your business might benefit from an online boost courtesy of SuffolkWire.

In May 2017 we took a deep breath and pushed live a new website, SuffolkWire. Nothing particularly groundbreaking there, I hear you say. But, you see, it was…

What we created, based on a shared frustration with many SMEs who we’ve spoken to over the years, is an affordable and inclusive way for Suffolk businesses to raise their profile across the county. An alternative to traditional media where businesses don’t have to pay the high costs of print advertising or a retained PR agency to secure regular media coverage.

For businesses who do have the budget for advertising and / or a PR agency, SuffolkWire provides an affordable online boost, to turbocharge the digital reach across the county.

What’s more it’s not just for ‘news’ in the strictest sense. Businesses can share advice, information on any events they are running, people profiles and information on vacancies and new hires.

We’ve essentially thrown out the old rule book about what constitutes editorial or advertising to provide a simple and affordable platform upon which businesses of all shapes and sizes can share information about themselves to raise their profile and build their brand.

Sign up as a contributor and you can:

  • Submit up to 25 articles each year to be published on our fully optimised responsive webiste
  • Include videos, links to find out more info and contact details in your articles
  • Be sure all your published articles will be shared on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Your articles will be published on our weekly emails to our 1900+ subscribers
  • Ensure regular media coverage to build your brand

SuffolkWire is a new breed of media outlet that gives Suffolk businesses a voice. It’s a platform for businesses to tell their story and build their brand so they may attract more customers, opportunities and people with which to grow their businesses.

Our overarching goal is to help Suffolk businesses to communicate with each other and the wider community effectively, affordably and inclusively.  In turn, this will show Suffolk as the vibrant centre of commerce that it is and help to attract and retain great businesses and talented people.

For more information on how you can use SuffolkWire to get your business heard see here or get in touch

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