How sharing content can turn into customers

How sharing content can turn into customers

Marketing your business in a hybrid world, where people are inundated by new content 24/7 is hard. You need to be one step ahead and consider new ways of thinking, to help push your PR. And that’s where SuffolkWire, a 24-hour news publication site, has stepped in to help simplify this process.

Despite articles being one of the most popular solutions for building a positive online presence, getting good press coverage still remains a struggle – not to mention the cost to your business. And often companies stumble on writing quality content, which engages their audience and builds their brand.

How do you shape an article?

Your article shouldn’t read like a blog, instead it should be, what we call a ‘marketing article’. It needs to be promoting your product or business and have a call to action. Done right, this can bring traffic to your website, create a buzz around your business, and ultimately get you new customers!

Where can I publish my article?

Local press coverage is your businesses best friend!

SuffolkWire is committed to providing a news publication platform that is affordable for everyone, so no business is left behind! If you need help writing some content and getting it out in front of your target audience then look no further – SuffolkWire is only an email away!

With an affordable monthly plan, no contract, and experienced marketeers on hand to help, why not sign up today? Get in touch with the SuffolkWire team today to find out more.

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