Bespoke Steps Give Green Energy A Boost

Bespoke Steps Give Green Energy A Boost

Hyprosteps, the Suffolk manufacturer of bespoke steps and manual handling equipment, helped a green energy plant solve a real headache for their business with a set of steps design for their specific needs. Hyprosteps MD, Tony Poole explains:

One of our biggest assets in business is the ability to create bespoke products and recently we were presented with a problem at a green energy plant in Northwick in Gloucestershire.

They make energy from recycled food collected from supermarkets, food processing plants, packaging companies etc. It arrives in baulker lorries and these lorries need cleaning once they have been emptied.

They needed a set of steps that would give them access to the inside of these lorries – but it’s not that simple….

The steps had to have 18 treads (around 4.5 metres in height and length) and an overhanging platform. In addition to this it also required a ladder that could be positioned on the inside of the truck. To make this a stable and safe piece of equipment we had to counter balance the steps with additional weights in specific positions and make the descent ladder adjustable. Not to mention the logistics of moving such a large product. We had to build the steps in 2 parts. One which was the main step section and one which was a tower section, including the platform and descent ladder

After designing the product and consulting with the customer, to make sure they were happy with the proposed design, we came up with a product that met with the approval of all parties involved.

We delivered the product on our own transport and our client put it in to use, safe in the knowledge that if there were any problems with the application they could contact us and we would be on hand to make changes and resolve any problems that arose onsite.

Happily the product has performed exactly as we expect and our client was extremely pleased with the product and now have a durable, reliable and safe product that allows their employees to do their job in confidence.

If you have a problem that Hyprosteps can help with, you’ll find their contact details here.

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