Dogs welcome at The Bell Hotel Saxmundham!

Dogs welcome at The Bell Hotel Saxmundham!

One of the best things about the great British holiday is that we get to take our beloved pooches with us. After all, our loyal companions have spent the last two years sharing lockdown with us, keeping our feet warm during Zoom calls, barking in the background during home schooling, and snuggling by our sides through the worse of the pandemic press conferences.

They’ve shared the rough times, and now the world is open and free again, it’s only right our dogs should be by our side to share the best of times. And when you come to The Bell Hotel Saxmundham for your Suffolk weekend break, it really is the best of times for you and your dog.

Our dog-friendly hotel, which opens in October this year, will enable you to stay with your four-legged friend in Suffolk, and they’ll enjoy the same luxuries as you during your time with us. Whether they’re wetting their tongue at one of the water bowls by the bar, enjoying a dog biscuit or waiting patiently for a wonderful countryside walk, they’re guaranteed to love your Suffolk retreat as much as you do.*

Suffolk for dogs

With so many great coastal and countryside walks in the vicinity of our hotel, bringing your dog is a great excuse to get out there and explore the local area on foot. Whether strolling through nearby Rendlesham Forest, along Dunwich Health, or sniffing for buried treasure at Sutton Hoo’s ancient Anglo-Saxon burial site, Suffolk really is best discovered through its unique and varied landscapes. It’s a place for people and dogs alike to take a dip in the sea, feel the wind in your hair on the wild beaches, and frolic in the many country parks.

Plus, the majority of the pubs, cafes and restaurants are dog-friendly too. Because this is Suffolk, and we love people, we love nature, and we love our furry friends.

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