Your ultimate daily routine for fantastic health

Your ultimate daily routine for fantastic health

Natasha Hodge, of Natasha is Wide Eyed, explains how the timing of your daily actions can make a difference to your health. She explains that the foundation to great health is established from four elements: sleep, sun, exercise, and food.

More importantly, she explains how every cell and organ in your body runs to a precise clock with optimum times to perform their functions. So, you need to learn to listen to your body!

Natasha highly recommends the book The Circadian Code by Dr Satchin Panda for an in-depth look at the importance of our daily routines. His years of research show that sticking to a rigid time routine offers you the best chance for a long life. So, if sleep and food times are constantly disrupted, it can have a catastrophic effect on your internal body function and general health.

Here is your ultimate guide to timing your routine for your healthiest life:

10pm: Preparing / Falling asleep. This should be in a dark cool room with no distractions- whether that be a TV, phone, tablet or book.

7-8 hours later wake naturally without your alarm clock

5-6.30am: Wake up and open the curtains to allow natural light in, or turn on a daylight lamp in the winter months.

6.30-7.30am: Drink water, black/herbal tea or coffee (no milk, cream or sweetener of any kind) either outside or near a window.

7.30-11am: Get an hour outside gardening, walking to work etc. You are in fat burning mode now. This is a great time to hit the gym or do structured exercise such as HIIT or yoga.

11am-1pm: Drink decaffeinated tea or coffee after noon. ‘Break-fast’ (first food of the day) with a protein-rich meal such as my Ranch Eggs recipe.

10am-3pm: You will be at your most productive, so this is the peak time for productivity. However, it is also important to take breaks and spend time outside if you can.

3-4pm: Optional protein rich snack.

6-7pm: Eat a protein rich evening meal, for example a simple recipe such as  cod with chorizo and leeks.

7-10pm: Your body needs to prepare for sleep, so it needs to stop digesting food beforehand by not eating during this time. Your melatonin will increase and allow you to sleep and this will allow your brain to process your thoughts, whilst your body will repair and detoxify.

And repeat!

Do not forget that I can help with making changes to the way you eat to fit in with this schedule. Find info, tips and recipes on the website. Or if you have a food and health question for Natasha please email her at

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