How to future-proof your body…

How to future-proof your body…

It’s a wonder you get anything done – you could be forgiven if you just sat around and marvelled at just how brilliant you are.  Or are you not feeling it? Did you not know that you are walking around every day, with your conscious mind encased within the most miraculous of machines, the human body?

Here, Natasha Hodge and Katrina Love from Happy People Solutions explain how important it is to know that you have all the tools around you to keep your ‘miraculous unique machine’ in tip top working order…….and it doesn’t come in the form of a pill.

Here’s a thought. What if you were given the world’s most expensive car, for free. You’re not allowed to sell it. It’s how you’re going to get about and travel through life. Would you top it up with the right fuel? It won’t go if you don’t, so yes, of course you would. Would you get it serviced regularly? It would be wise. And by whom? Would you ask a mechanic who had read a manual on your car for a couple of hours, but had been trained for years by the upholstery manufacturer? What if you don’t have a problem with your upholstery, but that’s all they know about? Do you see where I’m going with this? Your doctor is the mechanic in this scenario.

Our doctors spend a few hours at most on nutrition during their seven years of training. And yet study after study shows that what you eat influences health or illness outcomes.

Have you got any health issues that need fine tuning? You need to be the expert on your body. You’ve had whole-life living inside it. Perhaps its time to get advanced training on how to ‘soup up’ your engine?

It’s time to question conventional dietary wisdom. Look around you, are we getting healthier as a nation on the current advice? With £25,000 per minute the NHS spends on diabetes treatment alone, it would appear not.

Most people are running on sugar, not just in the form of snacks but the bulk of the meals they eat. Pasta, rice and bread all convert into large amounts of sugar which the body must process. Many are pre-diabetic, if not actually diabetic. Dementia is now being classed as Type 3 diabetes, sugar effecting our brains, and before this stage, mental health issues manifesting as anxiety and depression.

At Happy People Solutions we have had many souped up success stories. From a 75% reduction in insulin meds for a Type 1 diabetic, to agoraphobia relief, from pre-diabetes reversal to inch loss, simply by enhancing the quality and type of foods our members eat and how they think.

Here, one of members Helen Miller, tells of her experience:

“I wanted to make a change in my eating habits, which had become driven by a need for food on the go, and therefore not the right sort of food for a healthy lifestyle.

Last summer I’d seen at first hand the devastating effects of the onset of dementia in a close blood relative, and this, coupled with news reports that ‘dementia should now be referred to as Type 3 diabetes’ spurred me on to take action.

The course was extremely informative, and the food plan made sense to me – cutting out refined sugar in all its forms to help the body use its own stores resonated greatly.

Natasha and Katrina have created something quite extraordinary with their food plans, their mindfulness exercises and their brilliant group sessions.

Apart from one short period after childbirth, I’d never been on a diet – and now suddenly I was having to think, really think about food. It was tough! That first week was really hard work.

However, thanks to Natasha’s patience (with my endless questions about still being able to drink my ‘builders brew tea in the morning), I got through that first week, and the second and the third….

I have adopted the ‘Happy People’ philosophy wholeheartedly and now feel I can approach this phase of my life with confidence, that the menopause doesn’t have to mean putting on 3 stone, that dementia is not a pre-requisite of old age, and that life is too precious to waste on eating rubbish, just because it’s there.

To anyone who has yet to try the Happy People programme, I would urge you to grab it with both hands because who doesn’t want to feel amazing every day?”

Celebrate that you were given a priceless piece of kit at birth. Trust no-one but yourself with maintaining it, because no-one else will need it to get you through your life.

You ARE the best. Keep it that way.

Happy People Solutions are currently running weekly online meetings Mondays 6.30pm – 7.45pm.  To find out more visit

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