Why you should not be tricked by the treat

Why you should not be tricked by the treat

Natasha Hodge of Natasha is Wide Eyed urges caution on a sweet binge.

I promise I’m not a killjoy – I love dressing up, carving pumpkins and the social side of taking children trick or treating is all great fun.

As Halloween approaches, the ghouls, witches and skeletons are not the dark side of Halloween that we should be scared of!  Its the sheer volume of sweets and its consequent damage that we should be terrified of.

As soon as October hits we begin to see vast varieties of not just Halloween sweets but also Christmas treats filling the shelves. All of which can be hard to resist.

The government are keen to push a much more healthier life style especially because of everything that is happening right now.  On one hand we are told we need to cut down our sugar intake and on the other, we are bombarded with sweet treats cleverly displayed in every shop – temptation to great to resist!

The thinking that sweets, cakes, biscuits and puddings are a harmless treat are a nightmare to anyone who studies and works in the field of nutrition.

Society as a whole needs to have a ‘treat’ overhaul.

As insulin resistance is the leading cause of ill-health globally, now is the perfect time to stop and think about how we can make a U-turn and get the message out there that eating these items should be rare  and not a daily fix.

In the past (of course there wouldn’t have been the sheer amount of cheap food on offer) Sugary treat would have been just that – treats! Only eaten on special occasions like Easter and  Christmas. We have now joined up the other 362 days celebrating living by eating sweets all year round.

It is not a coincidence that at the same time as the increase in consumption we have seen an exponential explosion of chronic diseases.

The trick has now got to be that Halloween, Christmas and Easter are the only times you have sugary foods, if at all, so that you can enjoy many more of these holidays far into the future.

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