Now you work from home the food you eat matters more

Now you work from home the food you eat matters more

Natasha Hodge, at Natasha is Wide Eyed, talks about how to make changes to your eating habits to adjust to the new working style:

Now that a large proportion of the nation are working from home, people have had to adjust to the new distractions of homeworking. However, you have also established how easy it is to slip into the kitchen, with snacking becoming incorporated into your daily routine.

There are many changes that come from not travelling to a workplace, as it removes the previous structure from your life. From not getting the exercise in the travel phase, to readjusting the times that you eat. However, there are some benefits such as not being tempted by the shared colleague birthday cake, although you might be making up for that by ‘treating’ yourself to get you through uncertain times.

In fact to break the day up, now that you do not have to consider travel time, you can have food any time you like. So it is not surprising that during the changes that lockdown has brought in, the nation has put on weight and is now feeling more anxious than ever before.

On the one hand anxiety is part of the unknown that we are facing, but did you know that you can also be eating yourself anxious? Your body relies on chemical reactions to keep it healthy. So, s healthy brain can help you stay on top of anxiety, but it requires the correct type of fuel from the food that you consume.

It has become more important than ever to look at what and how you eat. It will even make you better at your job as you are able to think more clearly. And of course, you also want to keep your immune systems in tip-top condition, as you try to stay ahead of the COVID-19 threat.

Working from home is the ideal time to make changes to your health and lifestyle. You are in a safe environment where you can implement change without scrutiny. And you have easy access to your kitchen, where that extra time enables you to make healthier choices!

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