The latest trends on wine drinking in the UK

The latest trends on wine drinking in the UK

Nicholas Corfe, Owner of Go Brazil Wines, shares the latest trends on wine drinking in the UK ahead of a trip to the world’s largest wine fair in Germany next month.

In an increasingly unpredictable business climate, ProWein will bring some welcome certainty to the wine trade this month. The world’s largest wine fair takes place every March in Düsseldorf, attracting around 6600 exhibitors and 58000 visitors from across the globe. Indeed, what we will or won’t be drinking at Christmas could be influenced by decisions taken in Germany in the coming days!

So what are the latest trends to look out for?  Well, here in the UK we are actually drinking less wine than we used to but we are drinking better. This premiumisation is reflected in the huge recent rise in sparkling wine consumption – of Prosecco and English wines in particular – an increase of around 76% in the last 5 years.

Consumers are showing a greater sense of adventure and willingness to try wines from lesser known regions, partly because of limited supermarket choice, partly perhaps because of millenials’ love of authenticity and distrust of mainstream corporate brands.

Taking their lead from innovations in the craft beer and gin sectors, wine marketeers have started to become more creative:  Wine can now be consumed on tap, via bag in the box (not exactly new, but the technology is much improved!) or drunk out of cans. We shouldn’t forget also the arcane world of closures, where plastic, metal and even glass have steadily eroded the traditional cork market.

In a trend which taps into our desire for healthier lifestyles, we are also seeing increased promotion of low cal ‘skinny’ fizz, together with low alcohol ready to drink products which blend wine with natural fruit juices or cordials.

Then finally there is the ‘natural wine’ movement, whose minimal intervention philosophy decries the use of sulphites, for example, in preserving wine.

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